Musical palate cleanser, I’m in love with that song, redux, edition

A little sonic break from all things chicken with the reunited Replacements, doing “Alex Chilton”.

That is effing magnificent.  If you disagree, you have no soul.

(Yes, I know it’s only Westerberg and Stinson from the original group.  It doesn’t matter.)


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25 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, I’m in love with that song, redux, edition

  1. collegepark1878

    One of my all time favorite bands. Last saw them when I was in college at Tipitina’s. It was great, but boy were they drunk!


  2. Americus Dawg

    Senator, I’ve been waiting for you (someone, anyone) to post something about the ‘Mats performance on The Tonight Show the other night. Took me back to my younger days … saw them live a number of times and spanning both lead guitarists, Bob (RIP) and Slim. Thanks for posting!


  3. Truupster

    Love it and Paul’s music. Thanks for posting for those of us who miss the late shows! Also saw them play very drunk, outdoors in Athens in the 80’s. GATA


  4. sectionzalum

    does having that on vinyl make me old?


  5. Union Jack

    Unfortunately I remember very little of 6-10 Replacement shows that I attended from back in the day.

    Was really fortunate that I was able to see them this Spring at The Shaky Knees Fest in Atlanta. They were great. Crowd was into it (even with the downpour) and The Mats were the only band to play an encore on Saturday

    Thanks for posting!


  6. gastr1

    Awesome post. Could be a best of the year


  7. Noonan

    Hey guys, I have a great idea for the Auburn game this year. Just as the visitors come onto the field, the crowd hears some power chords followed by dogs barking and a funky beat. Then Perry Farrell chimes in: “I been caught stealing…”


  8. Mike Cooley

    Senator we normally agree on anything musical but the Replacements are on the list of bands that I just sit here and go, “what’s the big deal?” Also on that list are Wilco,The Beatles, and The Hold Steady. I felt that way about Springsteen about a year ago but something clicked there.


  9. budro

    Never saw them with Bob. Saw them a few times with Slim. Anybody else catch them this summer at Shaky Knees? Badass rocknroll show.


    • Americus Dawg

      Unfortunately I didn’t see them at Shaky Knees. I mostly saw them at hole-in-the-wall places but did see them open for Tom Petty at Lakewood. That tour must have made them feel like they were complete sell-outs. Anyone know the names of the current drummer and lead guitarist?


  10. DANG that was great Senator. For a moment I went back to Athens GA. So good. This brought back memories of Bill Mallonee and Vigilantes of Love.


  11. Reservoir Dawg

    Gotcher Westerdawg right here….


  12. Americus Dawg

    Found this obscure, demo version of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost”. Interesting set of artists/performers photos within the video. The original Senator Blutarsky is included. Enjoy …


  13. Thanks for posting. I was on a plane and missed it. All time fav music video is Paul’s performance on SNL solo of Can’t Hardly Wait after he sobered up. You can google it. Great sound.


  14. Tronan

    That’s the tightest I’ve ever heard them outside the studio. The song is about Alex Chilton, but the sound is all about the Faces.


  15. wilcodawg

    The boathouse in ’88 or ’89, with Tommy Keene opening…Tommy worked with sound for Tommy Keene. The parts I can remember I will never forget.


  16. hambone

    can’t say i’ve ever come across such a number of georgia fans who listen to the replacements. hotdog! big star, too?! i thought dawg fans only listen to zac brown and pat green.