“Just hasn’t been real pretty.”

Reading this, I’d say the coaches and players give an honest assessment of Georgia’s passing attack two games into the season.

Troy is 107th in defensive passer rating, so I’d expect Bobo to spend some time working on the timing kinks Saturday.  And don’t be surprised if Mason plays longer in the game than expected.  He and his receivers need the work.



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  1. Merk

    He needs to work on taking the snap, he has 3 fumbles in 2 games this year.

    Also can anyone answer why Mason fakes the ball to a side no one is on? It seems like he does it all the time, which I cannot ever remember Murray doing. Not sure if he can’t remember plays right or what.


  2. Chuck

    One thing that bugs me: the idea that we can’t be successful passing without stretching the field. Stretching the field is a weapon that’s good to have, but that completion to McKenzie on the first play was a longer pass play than any TAMU had in their blowout of SCAR.

    I don’t think the coaches have cut Hutson loose to the extent that we fully know what he can and can’t do in a game situation. Sure, there are some timing issues (which on a couple of plays appeared to be the receivers’ fault IMO). Just don’t know how we can expect Mason to be confident if coaches don’t demonstrate some confidence in him.

    P.S. I’d rather demonstrate some confidence in Gurley and the o-line with 1st and goal at the 4 with the game on the line…OK, OK, I’ll stop.


    • Cojones

      You P.S.ed on it at the last, but was good reading on the first two paragraphs. Seventy percent of what he throws is caught. Timing on snaps could be partially his fault, esp on a silent count (watching D move and not expecting count at that moment) or center is off the silent count and snaps too early. Since two snaps were from a center other than Andrews, their timing could be off slightly and would think the practice is with the secondary center.


  3. Moe Pritchett

    I kept hearing the phrase “game manager” all pre-season. And I bought it with only a few reservations, one of them being that if Mason only has to be a “game manager” then perhaps an overall better athlete would be a better tool to use. Enter Faton Bauta. While I would not consider the Mason experiment to be a failure, it has not proven a cure either. I figure Mason may have run his course and it may be time to tempt the possibilities of Bauta/Ramsey. What say you?


    • AlphaDawg

      No. But I do hope we get Gurley an easy and early 100+ yards and a TD while passing when needed, get up early and see a lot of Bauta/Ramsey in the 2nd half and nothing but Marshall/Sony/Douglas once Gurley hits 100+ yards.


    • Cojones

      Don’t understand why “game manager” is not taken by you as an added reason he’s there instead of taken as a neg reason that you imply. Why would you not think that Bauta/Ramsey are not as good managing the game? Bauta and Ramsey are up and down in practice while Bauta admitted he didn’t know the plays well after one year as well. Athleticism diff? Mason may be held back some in certain situations as would be the same case if other QBs were in there. They have coaches who justify why a certain QB is in the game. You should learn to trust their judgement.

      Your figuring is incorrect on Mason may have “run his course”. What kind of “figuring” is that?


      • gastr1

        +1. Does it not matter that he has no interceptions, no LOST fumbles, and no sacks taken in two games against two top-25 teams? I’m not saying he’s the greatest, but he does have some strengths here.


    • sUGArdaddy

      Good Lord, man. Again, this is why we can’t have nice things. Have you lost your mind? Mason’s first four starts were against Tech, Nebraska, Clemson & South Carolina. He’s 2-2 and didn’t lose any of those games. Can we let the kid work through some early season cobwebs and get in a rhythm? If you think playing a redshirt sophomore or freshman is the magic answer…

      We stormed back to beat Tech, mostly on Mason’s arm. We dropped eleventy billion passes against Nebraska, dominated Clemmons in the second half, and lost a tough one on the road to a team that has won 20 of their last 21 home games and gone 11-2 in three straight seasons. Gracious.


  4. Will Trane

    Like to see 90+ plays. Lot of players in…especially at RBs…LB & DB rotation. Limit Gurley’s carries with UT on deck. Play Douglas and Green more re runs. Think the passing attack is what it is at the present until Mitchell [if ever] comes back with Scott Wesley [but who knows how long his suspension is].
    Looking for a lot of reps on the Oline by a lot of players. Solid execution and timing until game ends. Nothing sloppy in 4th quarter.
    Need to come out business like and right to work. No Columbia hangover.
    Look good all4 quarters. Make a statement to the polls. But get ready for UT and get in the SEC win column.
    Never understand how CMR divides his team into 1st and 2nds. But I would play Ramsey this game for about 35 – 40 snaps. Just do not agree with sitting QBs like CMR until the “1st” leaves.


  5. Macallanlover

    This Saturday is the chance to audition guys who haven’t had their chance yet before the grueling part of the schedule begins. The bad part about playing two competitive games at the beginning of the season is not knowing enough about all the tools we have in the toolbox. Look forward to some backup QB time for both Bauta and Ramsey. Let them have the whole playbook, not just run the clock. Also want to see 2-3 more DBs we have heard about because all of those positions can stand some improvement. We can pretty much name the score with Troy but I don’t need a 55-7 game just to massage the fans’ egos. Play them all, and let them play wide-open.


    • I hope we do. It’ll be something new, if we give as many guys PT as we all seem to want. Every opportunity like this, for years, it always seems the starters go longer than they really need to, and then we sub in mostly whole units.

      I’d like to see us play most of the game with a large rotation, on both sides of the ball (except QB). That requires an early lead, but if we can get that, we could just rotate in everybody who’s ready to play for 2 quarters or so, and let the reserves play the 4th quarter. Seems more guys would get quality PT that way.

      I hope Ramsey gets a lot of quality time, after Mason has had his day. Doesn’t seem fair, but for some reason, I just don’t see Bauta being the guy, though I’m sure he deserves some PT.


      • Macallanlover

        I want to see both, not sure there is a clear leader and those things are best decided on the field of play, imo. I can’t help thinking how effective a QB that could run would be with Gurley and/or Chubb back there. Talking about stressing the LBS and CBs on run options/play fakes. Not for or against either one, just think the “bright lights” guys need that chance to shine. No reason if we bust a gut in the first half that they cannot both have a quarter to strut their stuff.


        • I have to agree, Mac. Bauta is a DGD and has earned his PT. I guess, if I’m totally forthcoming, Bauta just doesn’t impress me that much as a runner. I mean, if I’m on defense I’ll respect him, but he doesn’t scare me.

          There, I said it. And I could be completely wrong. Maybe Bauta will get some time, as well as Ramsey. That’d be great. But it would be different, as we said already. This time, I hope a half is enough for Mason.