“I think he’s being responsible.”

Can you imagine what the reaction would be if Georgia had punished Todd Gurley for being at Bourbon Street Bar & Grill?


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  1. Bulldog Joe

    All the needless media BS he went through last weekend was “punishmnent enough” in my opinion. Glad someone stepped in and took care of the situation so he didn’t have to do it himself.

    Having some some post-game or post-practice fun was almost never an issue for Georgia players before smart phones and social media. That kind of crap was usually taken care of in the street or in the parking lot and it rarely made the paper.

    These guys sacrifice a ton.


  2. Americus Dawg

    AJC tryin’ to stir up trouble any way they can …


  3. frowertr

    While Gurley gets “testy” during games and draws the occasional flag for that, I think he showed massive restraint for not clobbering the guy. The dude deserved it for what he said/did.

    Glad UGA has a superstar that is also above board off the field. The last couple Heisman winners/hopefuls can’t say that…


    • The last couple Heisman winners/hopefuls can’t say that

      They were both embarrassments off the field. And should still be.


    • Slaw Dawg

      What you said, frowertr. Based on some of the reports, you’d think Bourbon Street is a den of iniquity. Good grief, people take their kids to restaurants that have bars all the time, including me, and including at Bourbon Street. What’s a football player supposed to do when his friends come to town and want to socialize, hang out at Waffle House all night? So far as I’m concerned, this story helps illustrate the fundamental decency of our favorite 2014 Dawg, and the Heisman’s rep could certainly use some shoring up after character issues were ignored the last 2 times.


      • I am very interested to hear about the time you took your kids to Bourbon Street. Did you pass back? Did they get fishbowls? Did they party upstairs or downstairs?


  4. So what happened? Was this after the UT game? I thought Gurley wasn’t even there since they said it was someone else. I didn’t even know anything had happened.


  5. Debby Balcer

    He was there but did not throw a punch. He picked up the guy’s hat for him.


  6. Macallanlover

    Not a crime to be in a place where they serve alcohol, just a “crime” for consuming/possessing I think. If it weren’t for Big Brother with their foot on every state’s throat by threatening highway dollars, I am confident several states would reverse the 21 drinking age law to18, particularly for beer. We have enough good laws that aren’t enforced tightly enough, officers have better things to be spending their time on. Those three years don’t make immature fools responsible adults, and laws should be respected not ridiculed. This law leads with it’s chin.


    • UGAIII

      You are touching on something broader. If cops, and people in general, would just leave each other alone, we could all laugh and have a drink.


      • Macallanlover

        True, but the scary part of this is we have lost players for simply having a beer before, not driving drunk, not being drunk in Pub Lick, simply having 1-2 beers and minding their business. So technically this could have been an arrest for underage drinking along with headlines, and a one game suspension. All because of an unrelated foolish action by an unknown drunk and an over zealous cop. In this case it would have been Vandy, but it could be any week.


    • Brandon

      Agree, thought so at 18, still do at 36. Also 21 is just a number for buying booze. For practically everything else its 18.


  7. Brandon

    Thank God there was video. It made absolution quick and easy.


  8. Mayo

    I was at bourbon that night…..which as a 30 year old is just plain embarrassing …..but Gurley and his group did it right. They came in, went straight to the back corner, did not take any pictures, just hung out. I didn’t even see him drinking.

    Definitely not worthy of AJC-fueled sensationalism, or even a crudely made meme.


  9. WF dawg

    Maybe there’s a way to leverage this in Gurley’s favor for his Heisman candidacy, by painting him as a contrasting figure to Manziel and Winston. “Hey, here’s a candidate with self control!”