Straight out of Mandingo

George O’Leary is alleged to have said this:

The suit alleges that O’Leary used a derogatory word for African-Americans and called the NFL “one big ‘Ru-Ru’ tribe.” The suit also alleges O’Leary once advised coaches to check African-American players “to make sure their gums are blue, because they are bigger, faster and stronger than (African-American players) with red gums.”

Two questions come to mind here.  One, is there an automatic annual line item in the UCF athletic budget to cover O’Leary litigation expenses?  And, second, how does Central Florida manage to sign any recruits?


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29 responses to “Straight out of Mandingo

  1. Not an O’Leary fan, but have a hard time believing this.


  2. Brcdavis

    Alleged, right. Todd Gurley allegedly attacked someone downtown Saturday night, too.


  3. 202dawg

    Makes Jimmy the Greek proud…


  4. uglydawg

    You can sue someone for gross language? We’re all doomed.


  5. Spike

    O’Leary is such a credible guy..


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    With the exception of resume building O’Leary has always seemed to me to be a pretty smart guy…if he actually said this stupid shit, then him being a smart guy was an optical illusion.

    That kind of attitude is hard to cover up over time and as savy as kids are today you’d think he would have a hard time recruiting.


  7. Doggoned

    That language is something I haven’t heard since I was a kid — 1950s Jim Crow language. Stupid and disgusting.


  8. mwo

    When he was at Tech some kids mom sued because he made her son cry talking ugly or something to that effect. I can’t remember the specifics but there was always something sketchy about that guy. Aside from the fact he coached at Tech.


  9. Toom

    I can’t stand O’Leary. But this is nuts. I’m skeptical of anyone suing for wrongful termination who conveniently brings up inflammatory statements the boss made.


  10. And there’s the fact that he, you know, screamed curses at a kid while he was literally dying on the ground after practice a few years back, but I guess it was all good in the neighborhood for UCF once he won the conference.


    • Mayor

      +1,000,000. The guy is a douchebag. What’s particularly pitiful is that he and UCF got off on appral from a huge verdict in the case described by Doug in the post above on “governmental immunity” grounds.


  11. Normaltown Mike

    This seems totally fabricated.

    George O’Leary has a PhD in Cultural Studies from Harvard. Plus the spent 5 years in Burkina Faso with the Peace Corps. He would never say such inflammatory things.


  12. Cojones

    Read Mandingo in my teens….and for a white kid in Sowega, it had to be secretive. The interracial subject would help solve Leach’s concerns about perpetuatin’. I don’t remember the “Ru-Ru Tribe” , but what the hell, if I remember correctly, it was set in the NOLA area so anything is possible.


  13. Not4GT

    Ferraro had coached for O’Leary at Gt for 2 yrs. Did it bother him then or did O’L just start after he got to CF.


  14. 69Dawg

    O’Leary is a dinosaur. He is a tough, mean SOB but he is not stupid. I’m sure he yells at his players and staff. He fired the guy and we all know that a hostile work environment for a male is a hard road to prove. Now if he is African-American it becomes easier but until there is a third party who comes forward and says he either heard something or he was treated that way, I unlike the press will give him the benefit of the doubt. The player dying was a tragedy but the school used the defense it had by law to reduce the verdict. If my child had a health issue that might kill him, as I believe the player had I would have not let him play. It’s a tough situation and I’m sure the school will accept his resignation. I live near Orlando and he has hinted that he might retire even before this came up.