It’s easier to keep fighting when you’ve got help.

Now here’s an interesting stat from Saturday:

7 First downs for Arkansas because of Georgia penalties on Saturday. No other SEC has gotten more than four first downs in a game this season via its opponent’s penalties. Georgia was penalized nine times for 101 yards against Arkansas.

No way I’m saying some of those penalties weren’t justified, but, man, that’s a lot of first downs.  Matt Moore’s crew didn’t blatantly affect the outcome of the game in the way they did last year at Vanderbilt.  But perhaps it’s time to add them to the list of officials to keep an eye on.


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  1. Spike

    Penn Wagers is pleased.


  2. Robby

    That one on Jenkins I think about an eyelash out of bounds and a love tap at that was really a bad call.

    The interference on Devin was also pretty bad. He was being mugged and it gets called on him. But, being an old DB myself, I know that is the way of the world.


  3. DC Weez

    Definitely add this team to the watch list. I was in Little Rock and I thought there were numerous questionable calls. And those calls only went one way.


  4. frowertr

    The amount of penalties were ridiculous. I really hope that is something that gets worked on this bye week.


    • Beer Money

      Prepare yourself for disappointment then because we’ll have our usual 150 yards in penalties vs. the Gators. Most coming from personal fouls.


      • sniffer

        I agree, Beer. I except Florida to punch, bite, spit and eye gouge early and often. The retaliation on our part is what will get us in trouble.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Senator, jog my memory. Did I hear a rumor a year or two ago that UGA has requested not to have Penn Wagers do more of our games?


  6. Moore’s crew has long been on my list of potential game changing officials.


    • Mayor

      You will recall that Moore’s crew did the Georgia-Vandy game last year with the game changing targeting call against Ramik Wilson that got reversed but they still (bogusly) gave a first down to Vandy that changed the outcome of the game. Moore himself threw the flag on Ray Drew for targeting when all Drew did was run into the QB (not even hard) and his facemask touched the QB’s facemask. Also, Moore was pulling the flag BEFORE Drew ran into the QB. Very suspicious behavior, IMHO.


  7. HahiraDawg

    Call me a contrarian on this one. We should have played with more composure and restraint. For starters, I’m not impressed with Devin Boman, one of the calls on him is where my opposition would have their best argument with me.
    However, I’m kinda ‘meh’. I don’t blame the refs and glad CMR & our D coaches have something to rail (evaluate and critique) against in the film room.
    This is unlike the phantom and egregious O-holding call that brought back a TG touchdown run. In this instance, I am not calling for adding “them to the list of officials to keep an eye on”.


    • HahiraDawg

      …not impressed with DB, yet, one of the calls on him…


    • We should have played with more composure and restraint … I don’t blame the refs and glad CMR & our D coaches have something to rail (evaluate and critique) against in the film room.

      I agree. Haven’t re-watched the game, but I thought only one call was even questionable, one of the late hits. The rest seemed fine to me.

      I think it’s just a case where the old culture rose its ugly head again, as is expected occasionally at this point in our new journey. I suspect the big lead at the half contributed to the sloppiness. But there is still no excuse for it, and I feel sure Pruitt is all over it.

      So it could turn out to be another good teaching opportunity and learning experience. Because the most important thing is to prevent it from costing us a ballgame, as has been the case every year since 2005.


  8. SEC officiating – the blind leading the blind for over 75 years


  9. Macallanlover

    All year I have been impressed with the discipline shown by the defense but Saturday that came tumbling down. I didn’t think many of them were bad calls, and disagree about the questions regarding the PF on Floyd. I hate the boundary calls on last hits, feel they are grossly over called, but that one was no surprise. If the runner is going out of bounds, or already across the line and you voluntarily make contact, it will be flagged 90+% of the time. Floyd made contact after he was out of bounds and did nothing to change his momentum, even though he had time. It wasn’t a violent hit, but that was a bad decision to allow himself to hit him at all.

    I hope CJP uses that 2nd half as another teaching moment. Play like that will cost us games, and it was the first time this year I have seen it on defense. Dumb decisions can negate great plays and it happens to us too often to ignore.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    “But perhaps it’s time to add them to the list of officials to keep an eye on.”

    Or we can clean up our play on defense and finish the 60-minute drill.


  11. Bright Idea

    We beg the defense to run like hell to the ball and play aggressively and then whine about a bunch of marginal calls. Arkansas got away with a blatant offensive pass interference on a sure interception by Bowman. I’m not in with the conspiracy theories just a bunch of officials scared to death somebody will get hurt on their watch.