In loco parentis

An Arkansas player is charged with DWI and Bert takes away his driving privileges.

Maybe next time, he’ll be grounded, too.


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15 responses to “In loco parentis

  1. Kershdawg

    The link isn’t working for me Senator.


  2. Loco as in Texican as opposed to Loco in Latin maybe…


  3. Mayor

    I don’t see anything wrong with what Bert is doing. I wish CMR would do that instead of suspending players from games. Punish the player, not the team, the university, the students, the fans and the alumni like Georgia does now.


    • Dog in Fla

      ¡Cuánto purity über alles!


    • Unfortunately, the suspensions are not a Mark Richt rule. The UGA Student Handbook requires the suspensions, thanks to Michael Adams deciding to grandstand after a student who was not an athlete died from a heroin overdose in his dorm room.

      Good soldier Richt expressed support for his boss’s move, but considering he cut his teeth at the U and at FSU I wonder if he would change it if he could.

      The University, it appears, enjoys the punishment as would any masochist. It allows UGA to compete for the Self Righeous Cup. You and me and the players are the ones who hate the punishment.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    Good thing Petrino is gone, the kid might have to ride on the back of a hog with the coach “to practice”


  5. Macallanlover

    Since society seems to feel punishing the right to drive is the right course of action (with exception to accidents involving deaths/serious injuries), it is hard to criticize actions in that direction. I feel it might need to be time in addition to that imposed by the legal system, but why not. I am not a fan of the .08 limit anyway so if no one is hurt, let it be a lesser punishment.


    • Kid s under 21 so legal limit is probably .02. I love it when legislators think their morality trumps science If he’d been a dawg they would have charged him with minor in possession by consumption on top of the DUI. Mandatory 6 months suspension depending on BAC(12 month if over >08) When I was 20, I could walk on my hands at .15 BAC. We protect our children by making it easier to turn them all into criminals.


      • That’s the mentality. It is easier to address a public health issue by creating crimes than by doing something that actually could address the problem. The legislature could always sell building more graveyards as an effective cure for cancer to low information voters who care about hot button issues of the day.


  6. Spike

    What about talking to his dad?