Today, in well-played snark

This made me laugh out loud this morning.

The only thing I can add is this matching t-shirt celebrating South Carolina Heisman Trophy winners.


It’s perfect for stenciling in the name of whatever ‘Cock you predict greatness for in August.


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8 responses to “Today, in well-played snark

  1. George Rogers won the Heisman there.


  2. JJC

    George Rogers


  3. Gaskilldawg

    The name “George Rogers ” must be printed in REALLY, REALLY small print.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    Yes, George Rogers won it in the same year in which Herschel had far better stats, along with better performances in big games. Yet the myopic thinking then was you just can’t let a freshman win the Heisman, and thus Rogers was given the trophy…undeservingly of course.

    Kinda like SCU’s lone championship of any kind, which was an ACC title in the 60’s with something like a 7-4 record, it’s only fitting that their fleeting moments of success either involve pure mediocrity or due to some absurd technicality based on ignorant thought.


    • CB

      For the sake of consistency.

      Rogers 1980
      G Att Yds Avg TD 11 297 1781 6.0 14

      Walker 1980
      G Att Yds Avg TD
      11 274 1616 5.9 15

      I wasn’t alive at the time, but the numbers look pretty even.


  5. rxholly

    That hoodie looks just like the one for sale at Ga Tech