Don’t mess with Texas.

If things are the way this report indicates,

Big 12 leaders have been in talks about essentially converting the Longhorn Network into the Big 12 Network, sources said. In return, Texas would still make more money from the network than any other school.

The Big 12 and Atlantic Coast Conference are the only the so-called Power 5 conferences that do not have their own TV networks.

It’s believed seven of the 10 schools favor expansion. But Big 12 bylaws call for a super majority vote of 75 percent (so at least eight schools) to make a major change. Texas is believed to be influencing Texas Tech’s and Texas Christian’s decisions to also be reluctant to expansion.

Texas Tech has long fallen in line with Texas. Both are public universities that have been in the same league together since 1956, when they were in the Southwest Conference. Texas and Texas Tech were founding members of the Big 12 in 1996.

TCU is believed to be following Texas’ lead because the conference’s power broker reportedly helped the Horned Frogs get into the Big 12 four years ago.

… Bob Bowlsby can’t make up enough data to jump start Big 12 expansion.  And why would Texas cooperate, anyway?

Austin American-Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls recently shared his thoughts:

I still see no willingness on Texas’ part to fold the Longhorn Network into a Big 12 network, even if the league gives the Longhorns an extra $15 million share to cover its LHN income, because, the Texas source said, “we would get the same money, but lose our branding and having our own channel? Not very compelling. If we get rid of LHN, it will be to change conferences, in my opinion.”

Branding is a sensitive topic in Austin.  Just ask Steve Patterson.


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12 responses to “Don’t mess with Texas.

  1. Jared S.

    I love how a school like Texas is concerned about losing it’s own personal “branding”, while failing to realize that it’s handicapping the Big12 as a whole and contributing to the league’s increasing irrelevance and disfunction…..which hampers the Texas “brand” much, much more than not having it’s own beloved name-sake television network.

    People are stupid.


  2. Russ

    Again, why the Big 12 doesn’t kick out Texas, pick up Houston, and continue on (maybe with a new name) is beyond me. There ought to be plenty of lawyers around to figure out the details.


  3. Chi-town Dawg

    Talk about finding a way to become irrelevant, the only thing that will hurt the Texas brand even more is their continued poor performance on the football field. Unfortunately for the SEC, the Aggies are also struggling at a time when they could really become the dominant program in the state.


  4. 69Dawg

    Any guesses how long A&M is going to put up with their coach?? Seems to me he will be gone this year if he doesn’t get it done.


  5. “Branding” has got to be one of the stupidist concepts to gain traction in the 21st century. The only kind worse that colleges and universities idea of “branding” has to be “personal branding” that people do with social media. Like none of us see through all that bullshit.