Viva La Revolucion!

Man, what’s come over Stewart Mandel?

He’s gone from upholding the feudal order to blatant capitalism.  (Fortunately, Georgia is in his new world order.  So much for a Montana Project follow up.)

It’s like watching the Middle Ages come to an end.


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22 responses to “Viva La Revolucion!

  1. MGW

    “To that end, the best possible way for an Ohio State or Alabama to maximize its value will be to shed the six or so games a year that only its own fans care about and turn every game into a national event. I’m talking one 24-team “conference” of only the biggest names in the sport, funneling exclusively into the College Football Playoff.”

    Every fan’s dream….

    • Macallanlover

      Yep, would so incredible, sign me up for the package deal for TV? To hell with NFL ticket price, I would go whatever it took to see a season of that on TV. $500 or $1000, a season? Bring it on! (This blessing will probably occur the Fall after I pass.)

    • MGW

      I was being sarcastic.

      • Macallanlover

        Doesn’t matter, the words “every fan’s dream” is the perfect way to describe it. Your being sarcastic shows there are many different opinions to how to improve the game. My response is sincere, I prefer that to sarcasm….another way we are different. While a season of great matchups may be a fantasy, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with getting better matchups for fans and fewer mismatches

  2. Athens Dog

    I guess he’s assuming that the smoke at Oxford continues to get hotter. HA. Do we keep Auburn as a permanent opponent?

    None of this would surprise me. $$$$$$$$$

  3. PharmDawg

    None of this would surprise me, but I would not be excited about playing any of the East Division teams every year other than Florida. Along with Athens Dog, I want to keep beating Auburn most every year.

  4. Dog in Fla

    I don’t want to go on the cart
    Raising it up
    Waxing it down


    Would make for some great games for sure.

  6. Dog in Fla

    Colorado looked at Mandel’s 2026 Proposed Divisions and then it got high

  7. Silver Britches

    So wait. The Revolution WILL be televised?

  8. Realistic or not, you bet your ass I’d watch every game of that season. That’d be better than NFL.

  9. CB

    You had me at home playoff games which would immediately be the biggest games that have ever been played at any of the schools.

  10. ApalachDawg

    Why not create the EPL league of college football. 24 teams and the bottom 4 get relegated to the next group of 24. With the top 4 from the 2nd level group moving up…

  11. Mark

    I remember when Miami won their first MNC. That year, UGA beat #2 Texas, 10-9. I think Auburn was #3 and beat UofM 9-7. But #5 Miami pulled off a huge win by stopping a 2 point conversion by the #1 Nebraska Cornhuskers. #4 Illinois got spanked in the Rose Bowl. After everything settled down, Miami ended up being the new #1 and 5 different bowls mattered in how that played out. They jumped Auburn in the polls for a couple of reasons. Thing is, those were very good days for the college football fan. Then the bowls started trying to get teams earlier and earlier in the year and it really messed up the scheduling. Virginia was asked to play in the Sugar Bowl after starting 8-0 and ended up losing their last 3 games. The fans revolted and rightfully so but I digress.

    My point? Bowl season was a lot more fun back then when the top 5 or 6 games could determine who was the eventual national champion. The regular season mattered and every game played by the team ranked higher mattered. When the playoff expands, it will be fun. But not near as much fun as the entire sport was back in the day. I am with you on this Senator. Those that didn’t live through it just don’t know what they have missed.

    • I hear you on this and am in agreement. The madness was more pervasive and effected more fanbases. What this points toward is a more concentrated crazy that dilutes the effects that undedogs can exert on a season. I equate it to the concentrated crazy at play in the national government….(not to be TOO political)🙂

  12. affected Damn you, Carlsberg!

  13. Sh3rl0ck

    I am completely surprised that there was no mention of the inevitable expansion to 32 teams.