“All the girls were accompanied [to games] by Captain Morgan.”

The future of beer sales at college venues, in two quotes:

One:  “We all saw it,” Lyons said. “You see it in pro sports. They control it. People are staying at home, watching on TV, having a cold beer. Now you’re hearing, ‘I want to come [to the game] and have a cold beer.'”

And two:  “We’re not talking about life-changing money,” said Kristi Dosh, a sports business contributor to Forbes. “But expenses have gone up.” 


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9 responses to ““All the girls were accompanied [to games] by Captain Morgan.”

  1. Gah – can you imagine how long the lines will be when we have untrained 4-H volunteers trying to pour beers? Reserve fund won’t take a hit though.


  2. AusDawg85

    I remember in the early ’80’s Captain Morgan would throw pool parties at various Atlanta area apartment complexes. Oh, my those were fun and yes, he was accompanied by several young ladie…errr…marketers.

    Nothing to do with the above…just thought I’d share. 😉


  3. Walt

    Can you imagine the long lines for the rest rooms? Also, any servers will have to be over 21, I believe.


    • I believe you have to be 18 to serve open alcohol, but the point still stand either way. 4-H volunteers won’t work in this situation so we likely won’t have to worry about it. Lord knows McGarity and co. aren’t going to pay somebody to ensure that the fans have a good experience.


  4. lakedawg

    Can just imagine how much fun it will be getting beer spilled all over family. Even now every time some completely soused ticket holder sits near by seems there is some sort of confrontation.