I guess that’s one way to react to a loss.

I take it Reggie Wilkerson’s not buying in to the new coaching staff.


UPDATE:  An alibi witness?

It’s not us he’s got to convince.


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  1. JG Shellnutt


  2. J~Dawg

    I sure hope someone has more on this.. this could be telling

    • J~Dawg

      to follow up on my thoughts… I see from the stats that this young man has 2 tackles this year, so has not played much. Are his comments due to this fact or a different way of doing things by the new coaches that he does not like? Looks like the “Georgia Way” could be under attack.

  3. ugafidelis

    #find some where else to go to school

  4. DawgByte

    Bottom line: When coaching changes are made some players are going to align with the change and others will rebel. The players who are not aboard the Kirby train need to transfer.

    • Sh3rl0ck

      I was surprised at how few transferred after spring practice. When Pruitt came in, he ran off what seems like half the 2013 signing class.

    • Kirby Kiffin

      The Kirby Train is a steam engine attempting to run on Saban Train fuel.

  5. CPark58

    I hear Alabama is in need of a back up d-back.

  6. HVL Dawg

    Gee, it’s awfully quiet in the weight room today. Why is everyone whispering?

  7. D.N. Nation

    New Auburn QB?

  8. DavetheDawg

    Another member of the “Lost Boys” (a.k.a. The 2013 class).

  9. 69Dawg

    Might help if he quit blaming the players and took some of it on the coaches. Yelling only goes so far.

    • adam

      He has put it on both the coaches and players all season. “It starts with me.”, “We’ve got to a better job as coaches.”, etc.

      • Then he immediately starts in on the players. He needs to dial in back in public even if it’s just for recruiting.

        • Dolly Llama

          I agree with you, EE. And I don’t think it helps with recruiting anyway. What potential recruit isn’t saying “There but for the grace of God go I?” The young men must feel bad enough about it, you’d think. But I’ve never been “in the arena.”

      • Kirby Kiffin

        His “starts with me” shtick is simply his opener to throw any player he can think of under the bus.

  10. Jack Clompus

    Bad decision on Reggie’s part. I’m guessing that he’s not the only one in that locker room that feels that way. I was pretty disappointed to see Kirby come out and yet again call his players out in the media. Those guys fought hard and had their hearts ripped out….partly because of a stupid decision that the coaching staff made in kicking the ball high, which he glossed over in his press conference.

    I don’t understand what chastising the team in a press conferences does. Is Kirby trying to make himself look good by saying it wasn’t his fault, it was the undisciplined teams fault? Or, hey, I’m a great coach, but we don’t have the talent here to win, so we’re not winning? Who is he telling this to and why? McGarity, the boosters, Jere? Makes me wonder what recruits think about that.

    Kirby doesn’t have the credits to act like Saban, yet.

    • Chi-town Dawg

      Very well said Jack and Kirby also made a comment about defending the Hail Mary along the lines of we practice defending this play every Tuesday and the players did a poor job of handling it. Again, no mention of how the guys were positioned, rushing only 3 people, putting Carter in the end zone instead of someone else, mentioning the poor play call from our own end zone that cost us a TD, etc. This is one of the reasons I wanted a change, but to an experienced HC who had demonstrated how to lead and motivate a team and get it done on the field. Anyone can come up with a vision/strategy, but it’s all about the execution/implementation that really matters. I’m sick of seeing people post first year W-L records for Saban, Meyer, etc. because these guys came in with significant HC success at places like Utah, Michigan St, LSU, etc. Kirby has been a behind the scenes assistant who wasn’t even allowed to speak with the press until this year.

      I was very disappointed with the outcome, but glad to see significant strides in a number of areas and the team didn’t quit even when then could’ve given up. Instead of leading with the positives and chalking it up to “we still have some areas where we need to get better”, he bashes the players. This is a sign of a new manager or a poor leader. I hope he starts to learn from this experience as well.

      • Cpark58

        Do you think he doesn’t know it’s down to him to make the team what it needs to be? Instilling discipline, perfecting technique, and a culture of mental toughness and accountability is down to the coach. Calling it what it is to the media might just be a tool to drive that message of accountability home, albeit unpolished. He can personally control the boneheaded calls and not make them repeatedly but he has to coach the players towards perfection, however that happens. The team played their hearts out and should’ve won, he knows it but you can focus on the good, pat everyone on the back for a good try and fill the trophy case with moral victories or you can focus on the razor thin difference between winning and losing, and pursue perfection.

        It’s what drives a man to chew his assistant’s ass in the closing minutes of a 38-10 game vs Western Kentucky, because that demand is what drives a 21 point comeback in 4 minutes and parlays it into a second half blowout on the road the following week.

        This isn’t limited to Kirby either. Remember all that “it isn’t the playcall, it’s the execution” talk from the previous staff when things went bad? That is blaming the players, just churched up so no one gets their feelings hurt and ever learns from it.

        • Cpark58

          It is probably also a case of a young coach who has known nothing but success being humbled in every way imaginable. Probably needed to be honest.

          All these things are growth. Good times to come.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Agree. Four million dollar coach attacking unpaid college athletes is not a good look. Richt had the self-awareness to realize this.

  11. Lazy grad

    Can we get Maurice Smith’s take on this?

  12. Cousin Eddie

    Looks like a transfer to Ark is in order. He can discuss Karma with Brett and Jen

  13. Another whiney malcontent DB from the 2013 class. The rest of that class can’t flush out quick enough.

    • Chi-town Dawg

      I’m not condoning Wilkerson because it was a very poor decision, but let’s not forget this was a guy who Pruitt had slated to start before he was injured (yet again). Pruitt had no issues running off guys who he didn’t think were a fit, so the fact he didn’t run Reggie off counts for something.

  14. heyberto

    I have no idea what I’m looking at here. Snapchat or something? So he definitely posted it after the game? Like did he post it before Tenn got the ball back and scored? Not making excuses, it just seems like such a dumb thing to post, it’s almost inconceivable.

    • Chi-town Dawg

      I believe it’s Snapchat and unless he was using his phone on the sidelines during the game (doubtful), my bet is he posted it after the game was over.

      • heyberto

        Yeah, I was trying to see how it could be misunderstood, because my god does that seem stupid on his part.

  15. 69Dawg

    Well the seniors can’t leave and the juniors can’t leave so I doubt there will be wholesale transfers. The recruiting won’t take a hit because I’m sure part of Kirby’s plan is to tell the recruits see how many freshman we are playing, you can beat out these weak upper class men. The only problem he’s got is that Saban is still recruiting and if you want to play like Alabama and your good enough for them to offer, I think you go to Alabama. So that leaves us with Bama culls or rejects. Hard to beat the best without the best. I know anybody who is eligible for the draft will be gone.

  16. Roterhals

    So I guess if the coaches were nicer the last pass would’ve been batted down.

    • DaddyRichATL

      Kinda, if the coaches were nicer, luck would be on their side and maybe no penalties to give Dobs a chance to hoist that pass in the first place.
      Not my sentiments, just answering your question.

    • Kirby Kiffin

      If the coaches were worthy to coach a top flight program, they wouldn’t have abandoned the run in the 4th. They would have called a TO on the incomplete pass when the DB’s were signaling incomplete. They wouldn’t have thrown the ball from the endzone with a TF QB. They would have rushed the passer with more than 3 on the Hail Mary.

  17. Cojones

    Let’s don’t eat ourselves concerning coaches and players. Reggie is a nit-wit 22 yr old (they come in all ages). Leave it to the team to kick his ass out if they think that is uncalled-for. All the sports writers can talk about is skewering Rico McGraw for the helmet-off penalty and that’s a shared mistake (how in hell did any of the coaching staff make sure that that never happens?).

    There is so much karma kicking in this game for the classless comments made about Richt for all the same things that are happening to Kirby that it is impossible to count. The Tech 54 yd field goal game is first to mind (“how did Richt allow Tech to get so far down the field on kickoff?”, etc.). I’m not being divisive concerning Smart, just pushing the grapefruit back into your faces for your wrong-headed blame game concerning events that happened in the same manner to Richt that some of you pounced on in a classless and brainless fashion.

    On another note, I feel great about this Dawg team that played yesterday. Eason is what we had hoped he would be and the team, as a whole, stood up when the WRs, TEs and others caught, ran and played their guts out to the ability level we thought they had. If everything hits on the same cylinder with this team, we have a lot of good football to watch in the future. I agree that it is getting there, that they have heart and that they have the will. Nice comeback from the psychological letdown of a week ago.

    • HVL Dawg

      Do you think the players suddenly got better or did the coaches finally call a game plan that could move the ball?

    • South FL Dawg

      I didn’t want Richt fired at Georgia and – because I’m in the Miami area – I get my face rubbed in it all the time about how dumb of Georgia to let him go. Georgia fans don’t need to defend Richt; the U fans can handle it just fine.

      Richt loves it at Miami and isn’t talking to the press about Georgia at all. Like it never happened. So you know what, breakups happen and even if you didn’t want it you gotta move on.

      • +1 – Mark hasn’t looked back and it’s time for us to do the same.

      • Love him or hate him, CMR remains a class act.

      • Kirby Kiffin

        “Hasn’t looked back”
        What does this even mean? In his presser the week of the Tech game, he referenced UGA & things from his time there a few times. Not that it matters. We had to put up with the Richt-o-phobes mouthing for 5 years or more before he got the boot. Don’t expect us not to mention him every time Kirby does something that Richt would have been excoriated for, expect a reminder. And suck it up.

    • Gene Simmons

      Didn’t Eason also turn the ball over twice, one resulting in an immediate TD? Not being divisive concerning Eason, but….

  18. Normaltown Mike

    somebody is still pissed about missing pool day during pre-season practices.

  19. There will be players leaving at the end of the year, maybe even a coach or two will change. Give it to the 3rd year of Smart coaching to see what happens. It takes some time for it all to jell. I do not expect all 85 to like the new staff, so be it. Neither a Smart fan, nor a Richt fan. Pretty much an agnostic on both.

    • Beamer can go. Coasting on daddy’s name.

    • heyberto

      That’s the best summation I’ve read. Preach on.

      • Gene Simmons

        And WHATEVER THE HELL KIRBY DOES NEXT, hopefully, he finds a kid who can kick it out of the end zone. We are 5 games in and already I am sick of hearing him laughingly refer to this deficiency.
        IMHO this is all on him and fixing it is as well.

        • Kirby Kiffin

          Yup. He also said, after the Ole Miss debacle, “I’m concerned with progress, not W’s. That for yall to worry about”. As if he’s coaching Colorado State.

  20. Further comment, maybe Smart is trying to run players off with his comments. He is growing into the job and is learning—this is not Bama. Probably a pretty humbling thing, if a coach can be humble.

    • South FL Dawg

      I don’t think it’s that he wants to run them off but he’s asking them to buy in to whatever the new staff is doing. Oh Reggie….. You can be on the bus or get off the bus, but you’re not going to mess up the ride for everybody else.

  21. Dawgy1

    How smart could Reggie be?

  22. Isn’t this likely to be about Petrino? Or CTG? Shaq and JHC probably stay in touch with Reggie.