Ah, what passes for the sweet smell of success these days

Once upon a time you dressed so fine

McGarity, who played and coached tennis at Georgia and worked in its athletic administration before leaving for Florida, said “there is nothing greater than being part of championships. That’s why we do what we do.

“At the end of the day,” he continued, “all the time you put in at the office, the fun comes when you’re competing for championships and you see what these coaches have done over a number of years to finally get to the top of the mountain and you’re able to be just a small piece of that.”

Now you don’t talk so loud
Now you don’t seem so proud

So what is expected for next year? McGarity did not specify anything, but indicated that he didn’t need to.

“Our coaches know what our goals are,” McGarity said. “You ask Mark Fox, his goal is to make the NCAA tournament. I promise you Scott Stricklin’s is to be in the NCAA tournament.”

Jesus.  Regardless of what I thought of the process that led to the decision, at least I could rationalize Mark Richt’s firing as McGarity’s clumsy attempt to live up to the standard he set for himself at the time of his hiring.

What naive bullshit that was.  If making a watered down playoff field is all it takes to keep the AD comfortably numb — and, admittedly, for many of Georgia’s sports programs, that would  be an improvement over their recent performance levels — then there are no real standards for Georgia athletics any more, other than “don’t cost us too much money, son.”

I suppose you could argue that Smart is being held to a similar mark of excellence, except there’s a rather significant difference between making a field of four and a field of sixty-four.  But it’s the kind of facile argument I could hear McGarity make a few years from now at the presser announcing Smart’s firing if things don’t work out well.

These people…


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23 responses to “Ah, what passes for the sweet smell of success these days

  1. Spike

    Striklin is the first one that should have his sorry ass run off.


    • Normaltown Mike

      i have to agree. Can’t imagine next year being any thing other than what the 3 prior years was. Alas, let’s hope this 1 year stay gives the AD time to come up with a half-decent list of candidates.


  2. HVL Dawg

    To be on your own, with no direction home
    Like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone


  3. The expectations by sport are different. When I look at the sports we compete in, here’s what I expect:
    Football – consistent appearances in Atlanta and win the SEC championship in half of the appearances
    Men’s basketball – consistently reach the field of 64 and make the 2nd weekend in 1 of 3 appearances
    Women’s basketball – make the NCAA tournament 80% of the time and get to the 2nd weekend consistently
    Baseball/softball – be a national seed consistently and compete for the SEC – no excuse for not being in the tournament annually. Make the CWS consistently.
    Cross country – who cares …
    Golf (men and women) – win the SEC tournament and make it to the final 16 of the NCAAs consistently. Make it to match play (final 8) more often than not.
    Men’s swimming – be a factor at the NCAAs every year
    Women’s swimming – win the SECs and be consistently in the top 3 at the NCAAs
    Tennis (both) – make the SEC championship and go deep into the NCAAs (final 4)
    Track & field – like cross country, I don’t have an expectation, but keep doing what we’re doing.
    Gymnastics – finish in the top 3 of the Super 6 every year and win the national championship regularly
    Equestrian – who cares but keep doing whatever we are doing
    Soccer – make the NCAA tournament consistently like we did before the AD decided to change coaches
    Volleyball – another who cares, but is making the NCAA tournament too much to ask?


    • Normaltown Mike

      You forgot this one, it was started at UT a couple years ago:
      Life – champions, year in and year out!

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    • JeffreySummers

      I agree that expectations should be realistic. No realist expects Fox to win a championship this year, making the tourney would be the next step. No realistic person expects Kirby Smart to win the SEC in 2017, you just want him to take the next step, progress, maybe beat Florida or Tenn or finish as a ranked team. To expect a championship means 120+ teams would be measured as losers every year. That’s not an accurate way of measuring programs.


    • Debby Balcer

      Why are your expectations higher for women’s than men’s?


  4. KornDawg

    Damn, for a minute I thought that was a G’nR reference, only to learn that they stole the line from Dylan.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Interestingly (in an Axel Rose sorta way), it’s Dylan’s quintessential middle finger song (along with Positively 4th Street) to the world


  5. Irwin R. Fletcher

    When the overall state of the athletic program is as bad as it has been in 20 years, I don’t see how that doesn’t lay at the feet of the athletic director.

    In my naive optimism, I’m kind of hoping they retained Strickland because it wouldn’t be fair to the next AD to let Lady Elaine Fairchilde pick the next coach.

    In my overt pessimism, I can’t believe that anyone at UGA would actually think that far ahead.


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      If the AD is Lady Elaine, then BM is a Museum-go-round. Come to think of it, that description is not far off.


  6. Monettadawg

    Keeping Stricklin = accepting mediocrity


  7. Atticus

    Until the rules/bylaws of the Board change (see Jan Kemp), nothing will ever change. Groundhog Day….

    Just hope football somehow finds a few breaks…and they get the ball to Sony, Chubb, Nauta and Mecole about 60 plays a game…….


  8. JeffreySummers

    The way I see it, I am very proud of our university. i know we have haters out there, but the AD knows what he is doing:
    1- AD has averaged finishing #2 in the SEC in the Director’s Cup since his arrival
    2- AD has averaged top 20 national ranking in the Director’s cup since he got here
    3- He got rid of CMR and hired Smart to try and take our football program to the next level. He gave Smart plenty of resources with something like $135 million on facilities and staff
    4- The AD has our university consistently fiscally as one of the 10 ranked universities in the nation as far as the financials go
    5- Kirby’s approval rating is near 90% on SEC Country. Very few feel like Kirby’s hire was the wrong move. They like the direction.

    So sure, a few haters here and there, the lowly fringe 10%, but they don’t have a leg to stand on.


    • Kirby’s approval rating is near 90% on SEC Country. Very few feel like Kirby’s hire was the wrong move. They like the direction.

      Last I looked, Kirby’s at 77.7 on that SECC approval poll. “Near 90%” must be that new math I hear about.

      By the way, that figure is only ninth best in the SEC, which doesn’t strike me as a ringing endorsement. Then again, I presume I’m in that lowly fringe you speak of.


    • 69Dawg

      who says the athletic department doesn’t have very good PR. This is a great press release from Buttsmear,, full of half truths but who’s counting.


    • Dawgflan

      Thanks Jeffrey! I feel much better now. Not about UGA athletics, of course. But still, knowing that friendship can run this deep warms my heart. I am sure Greg appreciates you!


    • GruvenDawg

      I apologize for the long post, but this steams me every time we accept mediocrity. Below does not include this years results. Doesn’t look like we are making a lot of headway in the directors cup. As a matter of fact we have regressed since Dooley was run off. If Directors cup results is what UGA is going to hang it’s hat on then we should finance the teams in them to be successful with the facilities and resources needed to compete NATIONALLY, not just the SEC. We are behind most of those sports from a facilities and resource standpoint. BM is not funding like other teams even in the SEC. We lost the NCAA Tennis tournament because we didn’t spend on the upgrades needed to keep them, and we are considered a national power in tennis and are letting our advantage slip away.

      NACDA Directors’ Cup results

      2015-2016 Georgia 15
      2014-2015 Georgia 14
      2013-2014 Georgia 16
      Adams Leaves, Moorehead starts
      2012-2013 Georgia 10
      2011-2012 Georgia 18
      2010-2011 Georgia 20
      Evans Fired, Mcgarity starts
      2009-2010 Georgia 20
      2008-2009 Georgia 18
      2007-2008 Georgia 10
      2006-2007 Georgia 12
      2005-2006 Georgia 9
      2004-2005 Georgia 7
      Dooley “retires”, Evans starts
      2003-2004 Georgia 5
      2002-2003 Georgia 15
      2001-2002 Georgia 8
      2000-2001 Georgia 3
      1999-2000 Georgia 12
      1998-1999 Georgia 2
      1997-1998 Georgia 7
      Adams starts
      1996-1997 Georgia 28
      1995-1996 Georgia 11
      1994-1995 Georgia 14
      1993-1994 Georgia 21

      This is what we are doing in some of the non-big 4 sports. Other then football we are not competitive in what we are spending in the big 4. I define being competitive as being in the 1-3 spot on budget for resources for a program. We spend more in Equestrian then other teams in the sec…THATS IT. I can’t claim to understand what is included in the operating expense line item but my assumptions are what it takes to run the program and pay the coaches. The master plan is dated and needs to emphasize making us competitive in every sport we filed a team in or BM is failing the UGA athlete. Sitting on a 77 million rainy day fund is just bad optics when you see what we are spending and the facilities we have for sports compared to even other SEC programs.

      Source: http://ope.ed.gov/athletics/#/
      Operations Budgets

      Examples (not all):
      School Golf
      Ark 582,956
      Tam 401,902
      Lsu 376,971
      Aub 361,137
      Mis 314,028
      Mo 301,514
      Ten 297,296
      Ky 288,610
      Ala 270,026
      Van 269,591
      MSU 262,020
      Sc 257,866
      Ga 254,412
      Fla 234,727

      School Tennis
      Tam 624,296
      Ark 597,611
      Mis 572,175
      Fla 541,221
      Lsu 525,950
      Ga 497,534
      Aub 468,110
      MSU 462,459
      Ten 461,448
      Sc 396,072
      Ky 386,579
      Ala 372,519
      Van 363,635
      Mo 222,231

      School Swimming
      Aub 704,397
      Ala 701,372
      Mo 636,690
      Fla 599,562
      Tam 582,633
      Ten 581,951
      Ark 508,325
      Lsu 487,885
      Ky 464,687
      Ga 399,743
      Sc 390,667
      Van 262,985

      School Gymnastics
      Ala 579,072
      Aub 532,589
      Ga 507,547
      Lsu 459,561
      Fla 433,017
      Ark 400,877
      Ky 238,506
      Mo 234,278

      School Equestrian
      Ga 517,320
      Tam 498,356
      Sc 296,433
      Aub 289,266


  9. Now I will be humming Dylan all day. And that is not a bad thing.