Bert, of all people, has an idea.

It’s a pretty good one, too.

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema’s idea is a simple one, but it makes a lot of sense: Let recruits take multiple official visits to the same school if they want to.

Under the current rules, recruits can take up to five official visits but have to be at different schools. There’s never been a particularly compelling reason why that’s the case; it’s just the way it is.

In Bielema’s scenario, a recruit would able to do more due diligence on a school without having to pay out of pocket. Recruits can take as many unofficial visits as they want to a school but that’s cost prohibitive, and not everyone can afford to make those trips. Allowing a recruit to take two official visits to the same school gives him more knowledge and perspective as to whether that school is the right fit.

“A lot of times the visit becomes more real on the second rather than the first,” Bielema explained. “For those of us married, that first date wouldn’t be great and the second one probably a little better. You kept building that progression and if not, you got out of it.”

Two signing dates, two official visits.  Anything that increases the information flow during the recruiting process can’t be a bad thing, can it?

This deserves some discussion.



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6 responses to “Bert, of all people, has an idea.

  1. That is actually a great idea.


  2. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    aren’t there a limited number of official visits a school can host? I know CMR never got near that max. I wonder what that looks like in the Age of Smart? An official visit used on the same guy twice is one that isn’t available for someone else.

    That said, it’d give you a second bite at the apple for the truly elite guys.

    Also, this would potentially level the playing field compared to teams who have a reputation for making it worthwhile for people to drive guys to campuses on un-official visits. Benefits that might not show up on an expense line item in an AD so to speak.


  3. Ant123

    He is tired of hearing the “coach I’d come back if I only had the money” or the coach “I would come to your school again instead of _________ if you could pay my way but since you can’t I’m visiting ________just for fun.” You know to enjoy the process.
    It will certainly take away some of the excuses and give the coaches a little more power and it might actually help a few prospective student athletes as well.


  4. Tlkdawg

    I always knew that Bert was a closet genius, he’s just so darn good at hiding it most of the time


  5. ASEF

    First impressions are easy to fake. Second ones, harder. If you are trying to get schools out of impulse sales games, then this would address a lot of issues.


  6. Learned something today. I thought they could take multiple visits to the same school. Live and learn.