“I know in our group, the coaches would like a little more of a voice in the rules.”

We learned last week that SEC coaches ain’t happy about that new signing period.  It’s concern for the kids, you know.

The arguments mainly focus on the timing of the early signing period and spring official visits. Multiple SEC coaches pointed out that the early signing period conflicts with recruits who are in the midst of chasing a state championship while studying for final exams.

Bielema said it wasn’t smart to host official visits during the spring of a prospect’s junior year, which is arguably the most important one academically.

Yeah, uh-hunh.  Unfortunately for his worried brethren, Bert gave the game away with this comment:

The only SEC coach to say anything remotely positive about the new recruiting rules was Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema. And his take was about prospects having more leverage with an early signing period since they won’t have to worry about having a scholarship pulled at the last second.

Players’ feature is coaches’ bug.  Go figure.



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5 responses to ““I know in our group, the coaches would like a little more of a voice in the rules.”

  1. Dawgholio

    When will someone come to their senses and think about what is best for the coaches?


  2. JCDAWG83

    I guess if a coach feels strongly enough about being against the early signing date he could refuse to allow any kid to sign early. I doubt any are willing to take that stand.


    • Otto

      It will be interesting to see how that plays out. What if you have 3 star RB willing to sign early but the 5 star is waiting, and limited number of spots?


      • Gaskilldawg

        The rules permit the school to get a signed LOI in December from the 3 star, then when the 5 star signs in February simply not send scholarship papers to the three star. The LOI in not binding on the school; a school can acquire 350 LOIs. The limit is on how many the school actually enroll son scholarship.


  3. steve

    Early signing periods only work with shotgun weddings.