Alex, I’ll take “No effin’ way” for $200.

AJ-C writer wants to know “Could Atlanta’s SunTrust Park someday be the site of a Georgia Bulldogs football game?”



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25 responses to “Alex, I’ll take “No effin’ way” for $200.

  1. Russ

    Only if Beth Mowins is available and ESPN pays us for a Thursday night game.


  2. Austin

    Northern Cocktail Party. 😉


  3. Bright Idea

    Click Bait headline on Dawgnation from a 4th string guy at AJC on a Sunday. Nothing else makes sense. KSU playing there makes little sense.


  4. ATL Dawg

    Someday? Sure. In the next 10 years? No.


  5. The place only sits 41,000 & change. Why would UGA consider STP? The only thing the place has on Sanford is modern concession venues & restrooms, which we know BM will get updated…


  6. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, we are already in front of this, but have issues to work out:

    Only 32 luxury suites;
    Too many restrooms, concession stands, and parking facilities to staff;
    Too many signs promoting the consumption of alcohol;
    Loss of chair back revenue;
    Loss of on-campus open container and parking violation revenue;
    Exclusive terrace-level block seating for our Magill Society donors;
    Quality in-state opponent; and
    AM start to get us all home by suppertime.

    We are confident the Braves and Cobb County will recognize the value of having the moral glow of The Georgia Way shine on them. We look forward to their bid.



    • Mike Cooley

      Post of the year material right there. I used to roll my eyes when we would go to the well yet again on McG, directly or indirectly, but I’ve reached the point where I can’t stand the guy. And I’m tired, so very tired, of the Georgia Way.


  7. HVL Dawg

    Oh, snap!

    Piedmont Park is next.



    Went there Friday night..,traffic nightmare..,300/400 concourses are too damn narrow…Turner Field is/was nicer..,


    • Snoop Dawgy Dawg

      I live about 2.5 miles from the stadium as the crow flies in sandy springs. took me 45 minutes to get there by Uber for the game friday night. And that doesn’t include getting dropped off on interstate north by the weather channel and walking the rest of the way.

      it was an absolute Charlie Foxtrot. Pretty much guarantees I won’t be going to any more friday games.


  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Summertime desperation article by AJC.


  10. BigD

    Good luck seeing the game through all the hot dog smoke in the park. Could barely watch the game for the smoke Saturday night.


  11. Hobnail_Boot

    I know that Smyrna has a SunTrust Park.

    Did Atlanta also build one?


    • DoubleDawg1318

      zing….I quit following the Braves in part because of their move to Cobb.


    • 81Dog

      It’s got an Atlanta mailing address. Talk to the Post Office. And, maybe, get over yourself.

      The original Atlanta Stadium got built in the cheapest place they could assemble all the land near downtown, partly because in 1965, downtown really was the center of commerce and the hub of the metro area. That stopped being true a long, long time ago. Turner Field got built there in 95 as a way to leverage a new Braves stadium out of the Olympics; Ted Turner wanted to keep the team downtown as a philosophical statement, and he basically got a new, modern place for almost nothing.

      I cant say I love the idea of the Braves in Cobb County, but it’s barely 10 minutes up the road (ok, in light traffic). The vast majority of their actual ticket buyers live in the northern arc between 75 and 85 north of 285. Even the AJC moved to Dunwoody. Home Depot is in Cobb County. UPS is in Sandy Springs. It appears to be a business decision, and we all know Liberty Media’s faceless bean counters are about as sentimental as a tank full of hungry sharks. The City of Atlanta decided to blow all their tax incentives on the Falcons and the Hawks (but not the Thrashers. Adios, hockey), so the Braves management went where they got the best deal, and closer to where their actual fans are.

      But if you want to pony up and buy the team, maybe you can put it down at the Lakewood Fairgrounds. Because, you know, CITY LIMITS, BABY.

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      • Gaskilldawg

        MY Father lives in Roswell. It takes him longer to get to SunTrust park than it took him to get to Turner Field, believe it or not. Move was not good for him.


        • 81Dog

          To me, that location sounded like a traffic nightmare when I heard them announce it two years ago (or however long it was). I imagine Liberty wanted to go there because it was a pretty sweet deal for them (sorta like all McGarity’s “fan friendly improvements” at UGA). I cant argue with anyone who dislikes it from that standpoint, but the reflexive “if it’s not downtown it cant be any good” reaction some folks have seems a bit over the top to me. Turner Field seemed like a nice park in a bad location. The City of Atlanta had about 50 years to get that area going, never really did much. Maybe Fanplex. (snicker). When the biggest development in 50 years was Munson Steed’s mile of T shirt shacks on Capitol Ave/Hank Aaron Blvd, you know something is wrong.

          Honestly, I am unsure of a location they could have placed a new stadium that wouldn’t have traffic nightmare concerns, including another one downtown someplace. Somewhere like the old GM plant site in Doraville? Somewhere in the industrial area near Spaghetti Junction? Nowhere to go in Sandy Springs, or Dunwoody, or even up 400 unless you go about to Dahlonega, right?

          Cobb may have been a really bad choice accessibility wise due to the already high traffic and lack of any train access, but that was probably going to be true where ever it went (including staying at Turner Field). At least it’s a little less unsavory neighborhood than the old place. Maybe they will figure the traffic part out eventually.


          • ugadawgguy

            I agree completely, particularly with your observation that Turner Field was a nice park in a bad location.

            From what I can tell, they built Turner Field there and either (1) didn’t care what happened around it, or (2) or simply hoped that the stadium would somehow generate some gentrification effort/growth on its own, without any kind of master plan or incentives from the city.

            Traffic/parking around SunTrust Park is just as bad as expected, though. I’ve been there three times now (two games, one concert), and it’s hard for me to imagine them coming up with a solution to that problem without Cobb pulling its head out of its ass re: MARTA/mass transit.


          • Gaskilldawg

            The Doraville old GM plant location is right next to a MARTA station and is right on an interstate. Would have been a better location except for one thing. DeKalb County was not willing to fellatiate Liberty Media the way the Cobb County commissioners were.


      • 69Dawg

        Has anyone thought that maybe some of the Cobb County season ticket holders actually work downtown and could just go after work. Now they have to face the magic of I-75 north bound at 5:00 to get to the park. The Southside Atlanta residents have long been treated as being unimportant so screw the Braves and the horse they rode out of town on. Enjoy!


    • ugadawgguy

      SunTrust Park is in Atlanta.


  12. Chris A

    ughhh. When will we get a real newspaper for Atlanta? I have stopped reading the AJC for their click me link style headlines and just dumb stories like this one.


  13. Go Dawgs!

    I could see Georgia Tech doing it.


  14. Sure. UGA can sign a contract where the coach will get a bonus for playing at the stadium, the admins can get a few raises for the location, etc….all without the players getting a single thing!


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