“Anything short of an SEC East title will result in disappointment in Athens.”

Al.com surveys the SEC East’s seven SIDs on the topic of which program wins the division (schools could not vote for themselves) and the Dawgs come out on top.

No. 1 Georgia

Georgia received four first-place and two second-place votes to take the top spot in the SEC East projected order. The Bulldogs disappointed in Year 1 of the Kirby Smart era, finishing 8-5, but return a talented roster led by running back Nick Chubb.

In case you’re wondering, they got exactly one team in the correct order for the 2016 season.

In an accompanying article, we are reminded that Kirby essentially agrees with their thinking.

“We should be a team that will contend,” Smart said. “At the University of Georgia, that is the expectation. We should be a team that is favored to win the East each year. We should recruit the best players in our state, which is a very productive state, and develop those guys into really good players.

“We’re still a young team in my mind. Because over half of our roster will be freshmen or sophomores. But we’ve got some good football players coming back and I’m excited.”

From your lips to Gawd’s ears, boss.



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11 responses to ““Anything short of an SEC East title will result in disappointment in Athens.”

  1. Greg

    It sets up well (acknowledgment), Kirby walked into a great situation imo. I hope he can turn this thing. I would be happy for now …or happier with anything better than 9.73….



    That’s the story every year…in it to win it..


    • JCDAWG83

      That expectation is only by the fans and some of the players. The AD is in it to have a winning record and beat tech, anything more than that is considered a bonus. Georgia fans are happy with “good enough” as long as we beat tech and McGarity and BM know it. Our overall athletic program would be great if we were the University of Rhode Island.


  3. The expectations haven’t changed … the question is whether the team (coaches and players) can put it all together over 12 games, avoid the injury bug, prevent our sanctimonious AD from drug testing every Friday and Monday between now and August and get a couple of good breaks.


  4. Cojones

    Several key players are mentioned for FU, but no sign of Antonio Callaway anywhere. ?


  5. Dave

    Yes, it’s the same old preseason story as most years. That being said, while I certainly didn’t figure losing to Vandy, and gave only a small chance to lose to GT, I figured we’d hit more than one stumbling block.

    I was truly thinking 9-4, or MAYBE 10-3 counting the bowl. So, while last year was very disappointing from a “we are Georgia” standpoint, it wasn’t all that surprising to me from what expectations I had going in.

    I think the single worst game was the near loss to Nicholls, followed immediately by the Vandy loss. But whipping UNC and beating Auburn were pleasant surprises.

    Anyway, put me in with the win-the-East crowd this year. Only way I’d consider not winning it “acceptable” is if, say, Florida or Tennessee somehow jumps up and goes like 11-1 in the regular season, or something like that, and we go 11-1 or 10-2 and lose a tiebreaker.


  6. dawgfan

    The fate of this team will probably be determine in Knoxville, Jacksonville, and Auburn. Win two of those three and we have a good shot at the East. Anything less will be a huge disappointment. Everyone remembers what Richt and Saban did their second season. Even the shark humper won the East his first two seasons.


  7. Dawg in Championship Exile

    The expectations haven’t changed, the preseason hype hasn’t changed. The results need to change. The reason Kirby is here is to meet and exceed expectations. Plain and simple. This year, win the east to meet the expectations. Win the SEC and you surpass the expectations. That will be a successful season.


    • Uglydawg

      “Win the SEC and you surpass the expectations”…an understatement for sure. If UGA wins the SEC and does it with more than one loss, our
      biggest and most terrible expectation will be realized…seeing our Dawgs get Dawgraded out of the MNC four. I hope someone will convince me I’m mistaken. But I doubt we have to worry about it before ’18…when it could become a real possibility (assuming the team looks much improved in ’17..and wins the East).