Remains to be seen

You look at CFN’s SEC quarterback rankings and wonder if Pete Fiutak is being a little kind when he writes, “There isn’t a whole lot of quarterbacking star power in the SEC compared to the Pac-12 or Big 12, but there are plenty of very good ones.”  Potentially, sure, but that’s as far as it goes right now.

By the way, in so doing, he raises an interesting rhetorical question when he comes to the matter of who starts for Georgia.

Here’s the thing – if it’s not Jacob Eason, then was his freshman season of seasoning a waste of an investment?



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15 responses to “Remains to be seen

  1. Skeptic Dawg

    i firmly believe that Eason was the best QB on our roster last year. He gave us the best chance to win compared to the other QB’s. That being said, the jury is still out on Eason and his ability to be a top flight QB. Far too many times the kid demonstrated a lack of accuracy and has poor field vision with zero improvement over the course of 12 games. I am hoping that both issues were due to an awful OL in 2016.


    • gastr1

      Damn, no kidding.


    • Chipperdawg

      I remember a lot of these same things being said about Matt Stafford and he ended up doing ok. I have many memories of Matt missing open receivers downfield (usually overthrowing them). I believe Jacob will progress this year just as Greene, Stafford and Murray did. I also believe the only way Fromm sees the field this year is because both Eason AND Ramsey are injured (I think he red-shirts). Just my two cents…

      Stats from year one and two:
      Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate
      David Greene:
      2001 Georgia SEC FR QB 11 192 324 59.3 2789 8.6 8.4 17 9 143.3
      *2002 Georgia SEC SO QB 14 218 379 57.5 2924 7.7 7.9 22 8 137.3

      Matthew Stafford:
      *2006 Georgia SEC FR QB 13 135 256 52.7 1749 6.8 5.1 7 13 109.0
      *2007 Georgia SEC SO QB 13 194 348 55.7 2523 7.3 7.0 19 10 128.9

      Aaron Murray:
      *2010 Georgia SEC FR QB 13 209 342 61.1 3049 8.9 9.3 24 8 154.5
      *2011 Georgia SEC SO QB 14 238 403 59.1 3149 7.8 8.0 35 14 146.4

      Jacob Eason:
      2016 Georgia SEC FR QB 13 204 370 55.1 2430 6.6 6.5 16 8 120.2
      2017 ??????????????????????


  2. Bill M

    I don’t think anyone could’ve handled another season is running Greyson Lambert out there. 2015 was just so painful.

    Atleast Eason gave you hope.


  3. Greg

    Fair question….wasn’t Lambert something like 10 & 2 as a starter??


  4. ApalachDawg

    If Eason is not our starting QB, we are f-ed…


  5. Uglydawg

    I think it’s a lot tougher to be a QB in the SEC than in those other conferences..SEC defenses have a way of humbling a great QB. A few years ago the kid from Hawaii was supposed to be the cat’s meow, but Georgia almost put him in an early grave. Eason would probably have had a much, much better year had he chosen a left coast college. The SEC, and ACC are rough on rookie quarterbacks (as a general rule..yes there are exceptions).


    • Greg

      Yep….just look at the draft the past 10 or so years. Don’t know how Murray even survived it, he was one tough SOB. Stafford got his bell rung a few times also, never forget that KY game…looked like he had been thru a heavyweight fight….all 12 rounds.


    • Mayor

      Re: Eason and the left coast. I don’t think that is out of the question even now. If Eason lost the starter position in Athens I wouldn’t be surprised to see him leave and resurface in Pullman.


  6. “It remains to be seen” always brings to mind World Wide Wrestling’s Gordon Solie who used that phrase often. I guess I’m dating myself by recalling this.


  7. Macallanlover

    Of course it wasn’t a waste. Eason had OJT and, hopefully, he will use the experience he gained to springboard into a decent sophomore year. If he doesn’t, it still doesn’t mean it was a waste because we didn’t have anyone that would have been much better, nor anyone with any upside to help us in 2017. If he doesn’t show improvement, it would still not be a waste because he was given a shot. At that time, we would have to put someone at QB that might progress better. Fortunately, we may have that option available, and I hope he gets some plays in the early games in the event he is needed.

    Not using all your weapons, or at least preparing them for use, would be really silly given our need to pick our offense up and become competent. We seem to have a top flight defense, and a great chance to win our division, use all our offensive talent, don’t keep it on the sideline. Last year we were simply horrible on offense, no one should have a guaranteed spot (well, maybe Chubb/Sony). The idea of putting all your eggs in the basket of one player, one that struggled, and is barely in the top half of SEC QBs, would be negligent. Let’s have a competition, and use our best options when others aren’t getting it done. Fans need to stop getting too attached to which players are used, only the coaches can see the total picture.