“That could be part of that; I don’t know what the full cause is.”

Poor Tim Cearley.  Between rising ticket prices, a mediocre home schedule and a lackluster attempt to meet fan complaints about Sanford Stadium facilities, Georgia’s associate athletic director for tickets can’t for the life of him figure out exactly what led to a late scramble to sell out the season tickets allotment.

Fortunately, UGA was able to get the barn door locked with the horses bedded for the night.

“But, yes, we were thankfully able to meet all the Hartman Fund demand anyway. We didn’t turn any donors away. (And) the bigger takeaway is we have sold out. That’s encouraging.”

Nothing like managing for the extreme short term.  They’ll worry about next year when it comes.



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21 responses to ““That could be part of that; I don’t know what the full cause is.”

  1. The Georgia Way

    Our non-conference slate continues to deliver close, exciting football and the next two seasons will be no exception.

    You just don’t get this anywhere else in the SEC.

    And that’s yet another Bulldog Point of Pride and another compelling reason why you should #COMMITTOTHEG.


  2. DoubleDawg1318

    Let’s see, you raised prices, watered down the product, and paid no attention to the customer experience and yet you still wonder why demand is soft? C’mon Tim, your title says you should be smarter than that. Or are you just another handsomely paid empty suit?


    • Bulldog Joe

      Arrogant incompetence in the ticket office is a UGA tradition going on for decades.


      • PharmDawg

        Anybody remember standing in those long-ass lines for student tickets at Stegeman? I was there during the mid-90s, when ARCHES had been launched and it would have been so easy to computerize the ticket system. But no, we had to stand in line for hours while geriatric ladies worked the ticket window as slowly, slowly, slowly as possible. SMDH SMDH at the memory.


  3. Julia Turlington

    I complained about not being able to bring my stadium seat with a back in, anymore and was told it was for fan safety. I explained that as a women of a certain age I cannot go through an entire game without any back support, so I would be forced to rent one of those obnoxious affixed seatbacks, as, I am sure, was the plan from the beginning. As I have been donated more than required for seats in my section, for a number of years, I will be deducting the cost of the seatback rental from my contribution. I doubt they saw that coming.

    Also, if they are really worried about my safety, why allow guns in the tailgating area? Strong feelings about your football team + alcoholic refreshments + firearms. What could possibly go wrong?



  4. Atticus

    6 games and none against teams in the top 25. Its not their fault the East sucks but the Cocktail Party kills the schedule when it does.


    • Russ

      The Cocktail Party didn’t put App State and Samford on the schedule.

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      • baboo

        Actually, in a way it does. With a permanent ACC rival and a permanent neutral site game, filling the home schedule becomes a dance in difficulty, where it is considerably harder to schedule home-n-homes against fresh P5 schools than it is to just pay a cupcake. This even before getting to the theory of how many cupcakes on the schedule are optimal. It’s why so many of our cool games have to skip a season before the return game is played.
        I wish the conference would allow SEC teams to schedule a “9th” game against an inter-divisional opponent that doesn’t count as a conference game.


        • Macallanlover

          Why don’t we just unite to fight for that ninth conference game and act like intelligent grown ups? That way everyone’s home schedule will get better. Then limit non-Power 5 schools to one, and ban FCS schools totally. Better football every season, and more value for the season ticket patron. This really isn’t that hard, but you get what you allow to be fed to you.


  5. Got Cowdog

    I have been following this blog since ’09. I have been a Georgia fan my entire life. I cannot remember, even during the Goff/ Donnan eras, morale and spirit being this low. I can’t remember ever being this personally apathetic to what happens on the field. I stopped donating two years ago, haven’t set foot inside the stadium since. I have no desire to watch Georgia play Austin Peay (?) or Middle Tennessee or the Delta State Fighting Bleeping Okra. Nor will i go to the cocktail party to watch a faceplant or a beatdown.
    I feel like I am watching Rome burn. This sucks.


    • Atticus

      It’s what happens when you have a vacuum of leadership in Athens. But this team and program could have a big year. If Cheney isn’t the guy and Eason doesn’t progress then they won’t and you ain’t seen pessimism like you will see…but there were 100,000 fans in Athens for Gday when he came on and for a reason, give him time to have a few years in the system and get his players. We’ve never recruited like this, two top 5 QBs (and we’ll get Justin Fields) in a row, a bad ass OL class (never signed a guy like Isaiah Wilson before and that whole OL class. I don’t recall ever having as many 5 stars players on the team at the same time. But yes the schedule is a joke. ND on the road, MSU from the West and patsies.


      • Atticus

        And we’ll get Sayler and Zamir too.


        • Macallanlover

          Pretty optimistic projections on recruiting. But I agree it is doable, if we have that big year this year. I don’t think we can have another disaster like last year and attract that level recruit….especially with a very negative fan base. They have too many great options with a better story to tell. We have some excellent talent ahead of them, a history of disappointing, and a coach on the hot seat. All that goes away if we put a better product on the field, really compete with the West winner, and have some fans excited about the future with these players and this staff. 2017 is the a make or break year for UGA in the near term, to me. (Also, I don’t think we can get Fields with Chaney as the OC, maybe not at all. He has FSU and AU sitting there that already have success with DT QBs.)


  6. UGA athletic board member

    Everything is just fine as far as I’m concerned. Most of my fellow board members feel the same way.


  7. This is worse than the price of some cola cans that seem to get smaller for the same price.


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