Smack talkin’

Shots fired.

Over barbecue.



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  1. Otto

    Said the university whose tradition is to get chili dogs before or after games served to them using their rivals colors.


  2. NCDawg

    Of all the things Georgia fans are upset about regarding McGarity, it would the most SEC thing ever if it’s BBQ that does him in.

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  3. Derek

    We just want the bammers to feel at home. 2008 and 2015 just weren’t enough hospitality.

    Of all the “tone deaf” shit I’ve ever seen contracting with a BBQ enterprise associated with Tuscaloosa may be the worst yet. I guess we can say “at least it isn’t Sonny’s.”


    • Uglydawg

      At least it isn’t Sonny’s.


      • PTC DAWG

        Sonny’s gets a bad wrap, but I’d take it over Dreamland….


        • Other than Sonny’s being based in the arm pit of Florida otherwise known as Gainesville, their pork is pretty good for a chain place.


          • Derek

            I like sonny’s (it’s to BBQ what pringles is to the potato chip. It’s pretty good despite not being the real thing) but because it’s from Gainesville it’s in the same class as Gatorade. Can’t associate it with the university in any capacity. Dreamland is pretty much in the same class as sonnys or Gatorade in my book. I’ll eat it but I don’t want to see it in Sanford stadium.

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        • My one and only experience with a Sonny’s was absolute garbage.


          • Macallanlover

            It is very sub-par for BBQ, like Mickey D’s it survives because it is the largest in their category, in terms of locations, and familiarity. I cannot remember the last time I ate at either chain, there are just too many better alternatives….even in my isolated location. Love supporting independents and smaller chains with 2-5 locations. But someone likes it, they are all over Florida, and some areas in Georgia.


  4. Uglydawg

    Re-enforces the old adage,
    “Georgia fans and Tech fans have one thing in common. Obsession with UGA football.”

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  5. Greg

    Seems like Georgia is their home, it is shamful they are opening in that brand new beautiful stadium in Atlanta. Bet you would not see that in Alabama if things were reversed…………


  6. 3rdandGrantham

    Dreamland actually is a UGA thing – the founder is a UGA alum who donates quite a bit to the university. That would be like chastising UGA for their Aflak sponsorship because they have offices in Knoxville, Gainesville and Atlanta, even though the founder/CEO is a UGA grad.


  7. Will Trane

    Oh Tech you are so good about food. The only thing those guys pass, other than wind, it the Varsity.
    Think not, then why all these companies want visas for foreign engineers. Curious where do all those degree holders now work.
    Fret not. Hell, transfer to UGA. We have prof who will give you the opportunity for an “A” if you are stressed.
    Hey Greg, stop fretting man about the criticism. You have a get out of jail card now [too bad the roster does not have those].
    Can not take it anymore. Put a shroud over my diplomas this morn.
    What has happened at UGA lately?


  8. Russ

    Well, you knew that was coming. More shots fired into our feet.


  9. MGW

    Freakin Alabama. Always causing trouble.


  10. D.N. Nation

    The athletic program that gave the world “Fun on the Flats!” fancies themselves experts in self-marketing, eh.


  11. Stoopnagle

    This is just so, so, so very dumb.

    Also, beat tech.


  12. Charles

    Welp… at least we won’t have to worry about Bammer barbecue stains standing out on our black jerseys during the Samford game.

    I’m a glass-half-full kind of a guy.


  13. ATL Dawg

    The University of Alabama at Athens


  14. ApalachDawg

    I don’t think you can overuse the words “tone deaf” enough with BM.
    The optics on this are FUBAR +1.


  15. ApalachDawg

    And I don’t give a damn if the franchise owner is a UGA grad. They should have enough sense to know this is “Bama thang” NOT a “Dawg thang” like Fallins, Finchers, Fresh Air, Georgia pig, Southern Soul, sconyers, Strickland’s…
    Where have all the folks with common sense gone?


  16. Southern Soul is killing it here on the coast and are rabid dawg fans. I guess choosing their barbecue was just too practical and without any drama. Why do we have such idiots in positions of power at UGA? Instead of the Georgia Way, we should call it the Georgia Bubble.


    • My one visit to Southern Soul was great. The whole family loved it. I will go back the next time we’re in St. Simons.

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      • Reipar

        How the hell is southern soul going to sell BBQ in Athens 6-7 times a year??


        • ApalachDawg

          The same way they cater an event in Brunswick, Savannah, Kingsland, Jacksonville, etc


        • I get it … they likely wouldn’t, but the point is why would UGA go to an ALABAMA BBQ joint to sell its product in Sanford when there are outstanding BBQ places in Georgia to do the job?

          By the way, how do you know unless you ask? The guys who own Southern Soul as others have mentioned are big Georgia fans. If they thought they could make it work and make money at it, I guarantee they would find a way to sell their product in Sanford.


  17. soccerdawg

    I have enjoyed Fox Brothers at #atlutd games at Bobby Dodd. And I can imagine any BBQ being top of the line is a football stadium but I have had Sauce House catered at several events in Athens and have enjoyed it.