Dabo disses Corch.

I can feel a whole new book of grievances coming on.

… Swinney said he doesn’t watch many Big Ten games during the season but felt the conference was overrated after watching Ohio State in preparation for the bowl game.

“Go back to last year. We’re trying to figure out a way to put four Big Ten teams in the playoff,” Swinney said. “And I didn’t pay no attention to the Big Ten. You just kind of buy it (the Big Ten hype), right? That’s just what’s out there. And then we get ready to play Ohio State and I start watching the tape, I watch every single game and I go in and tell our guys, I’m like, ‘Boys, these guys are in trouble.’ I mean, I’ve watched the whole league, I’ve gone through the whole league both sides, these guys are in trouble. And that’s exactly what happened.”

Next time your teams meet, Dabo, I’d keep an eye on how many timeouts Meyer keeps in his pocket in the second half.  Just sayin’.



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18 responses to “Dabo disses Corch.

  1. Always


  2. Russ

    This will be a big deal. And Corch will remember this.


  3. MGW

    Gotta admit though, I feel bad for Indiana. They’re going down hard week one.


  4. The good Senator writes:
    “Next time your teams meet, Dabo, I’d keep an eye on how many timeouts Meyer keeps in his pocket in the second half. Just sayin’.”

    rofl. I have fond, fond memories of Corch calling those time outs. As well as Mark “scratching” his nose in response. These are the memories that build and maintain strong rivalries.

    Another one

    “TIME OUT!”


  5. Anyone taking a dump on Ohio State and Meyer is fine by me, but as someone on Twitter put it, you never hear this stuff after a team loses.


  6. MGW

    0-2 against Clemson, with no foreseeable opportunity for redemption. BURN!!!


  7. ASEF

    Corch has peaked at Ohio State. And the sharks sense blood in the water.


  8. CVegas Dawg

    Dabo is right though. tOSU is a darling just like USC, ND, and Jim Harbaugh.


    • Macallanlover

      And that’s a fact. How many years did we watch the Big 2 Little 8 get all the love while facing no one outside their weak conference and hiding in the Rose Bowl. They have basically been exposed since then. Not saying they cannot have a decent team or two, but that was pure media BS, or whatever the current term for that is.


  9. 69Dawg

    Well Dabo is just saying what everybody in the south knows, the damn media loves the B1G and overlooks the fact that with the exception of 3 teams the league is about like the MAC. I wish we only had 3 games a year that mattered. They still have to come south to recruit skill players but those cheese eaten big uglies are good for the Oline.

    The one redeeming quality about playing Norte Dame is the media has to talk up their competition as a requirement for ranking them higher than they deserve. Georgia will become an elite team since they are playing the Golden Domers. Since Norte Dame is playing in the ACC you notice they aren’t exactly world beaters.


  10. ApalachDawg

    I’m actually on Dabo’s side on this one. But he is still a tool bag clad in orange


    • Macallanlover

      Don’t consider Dabo a tool at all, but anyone wearing orange is hard to look at, or pull for. I got over it when they played ohio though. Glad to see Dabo take the shot, good on him…and go change your clothes!


  11. Macallanlover

    We have won 5 of the last 6 against them (since Y2K I think), and we lost that one by three on the road with Gurley missing almost all the game. Bring it on! I like Dabo but Clemson wasn’t a Top 5 team last year, would love to meet them in a bowl and shift the nation’s gaze about 80 miles west.


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