Everybody’s a Star.

I get Kirby’s point here, but, damn, I’m not gonna be thrilled the first time I see Lorenzo Carter line up as a member of the secondary.


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6 responses to “Everybody’s a Star.

  1. Bright Idea

    I agree Senator. This sounds like a bit of overthinking unless Carter drops off the line behind some kind of zone blitz. I’d just bite the bullet with the young DBs in the star position.


  2. 83Dawg

    Someone who has repeatedly demonstrated a concerning lack of ability and technique to tackle someone in space might play in the secondary? What could possibly go wrong?


  3. Hillbilly Dawg

    The last time I remember seeing Loco7 as a DB….it was a very, very bad time.


  4. Sal

    This worked out so well the during last play of the TN game last year I can’t understand why anyone is concerned.


  5. Ray Ray

    Im not even thrilled to see him step out on field. Ray Drew 5*hype.