How big a putz is Jay Jacobs?

Big enough that Auburn’s own associate athletic director for strategic communications had to tell ESPN that some of Jacobs’ comments about a softball coach who left the program were “unfortunate” and possibly “misleading”.

Is it just me, or does the SEC appear to have more than its fair share of athletic directors who couldn’t find their way out of an open paper bag?

Maybe Greg Sankey needs to provide conference-wide logistical support for how to conduct media relations.  Sure, that might cost a few bucks, but you can’t put a price on avoiding self-inflicted wounds.


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5 responses to “How big a putz is Jay Jacobs?

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Not sure what was wrong with Jacobs. I mean, it’s Auburn. Just say:

    “Both resigned. Investigation over. WAR EAGLE!”


  2. Bigshot

    Auburn is family. Of course in Alabama that includes incest.


  3. Cousin Eddie

    I believe when you are given the title of AD they take you into a back room and suck your brain out your butt. The slightly enlarged opening lets you stick your empty head in easier.


  4. CrawforDawg

    Putz! I love it. Senator, I challenge you to work “nebbish” in this season.