Only five SEC teams have positive point differentials in conference play.  That’s actually right in line with last season.

The sad thing is that only eight SEC teams have positive point differentials overall.  I guess the coaches are right about needing those cupcake games.


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4 responses to “Underwater

  1. JasonC

    I’d really love to see a cost per win for some of these crappy coaches.


  2. Macallanlover

    “cost per quality win” FIFY


  3. Mayor

    When the season is over this stat will mean more. We’ll have a better idea who’s who. I think Mizzou is going to win the rest of its games so its conference point differential will probably end up positive–all games Mizzou is already above water. UK is pretty close to even for all games but I think will plummet. ATM, Arky, UT and FU I expect will be worse than now. I also expect the last 4 to have new HCs next season. It wouldn’t surprise me to see other HCs who are somewhat successful (read: Mullen) to change jobs, too.


  4. Fetch

    We’ve beaten two of the other 4, with a third coming this Saturday.