Taking the Bull Gator by the horns

Well, now.

Heitner isn’t some random dude, either.   He’s pretty plugged into the scene in Gainesville.

I’m sure this will work out well.


UPDATE:  Spurdog walks it back.


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33 responses to “Taking the Bull Gator by the horns

  1. Not that I particularly want them to get this right, but who gives a f who Spurrier wants?

    I hope they keep him around, effing up the potluck forever.


    • Otto

      I don’t but I like that he keeps running his mouth and Foley is still breathing over Stricklin shoulder. More chaos and voices the better.

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        • atlasshrugged55

          Every program has some old dude(s) meddling w/ things & an athletic director who’s nothing more than a puppet on a string.

          Our meddling old dudes w/held $upport for one coach until they could run him outta town (or maybe he found another job), then found their “guy” & lavished him w/ tons of $upport. I want to crush GT but it’ll be interesting if we walk away w/ an “L”.

          After much peace & harmony UF has jumped into the muck w/ us. Glad to know no one is immune.


  2. Derek

    I hope Stricklin wins this argument.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    So sos is going to question or criticize every move they make. Kind of like a more outspoken, louder, and omnipresent version of Tarkenton?


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Kelly would automatically become the worst recruiter of all the HCs in that state – by far. And then there’s that thing about preferring white players – should do wonders on the recruiting trail.


    • 79DawgatWork

      My thought exactly. Maybe Chip will figure out how to recruit in the South, but given his apparent personality and disposition, I don’t think there’s a great chance of success…
      That is why, in the other thread, I mentioned Arkansas might be willing to take a flyer on Bobo, even though he has not had overwhelming success from a W/L perspective there. The guy is a great recruiter, and get him back in his natural recruiting environment, and maybe he could get things going.
      One thing that has become clear in the past 5 years or so, recruiting elite players is what it has become all about; coaching is making less and less of a difference in overall success…


  5. Will Trane

    Be wise to take the advice of a sage. Then again the bull gator surely must know. It glitters. I’ll take it!
    who do you think knows football.
    who do you think you fooling stricklin.


  6. Sportsdawg

    Chip could be on the job in a matter of days. Good for UF and good for their recruiting. I hope it doesn’t work out that good nor that quick for them. And in the end I hope they get it wrong ( no matter who “they” is/are)! Same for UT.


  7. pantslesspatdye

    Reads like a kids book.
    Some undiscovered haiku format.
    Wish them no luck.

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  8. WF Dawg

    Wasn’t Chip Kelly’s Achilles heel at Oregon teams like Stanford with dominating, physical defensive lines? Philosophically, that’s just what Kirby is shooting for.


  9. Macallanlover

    Here is how it will end, FU will be better in 2-3 years. KS better keep the foot on the pedal to grow the gap, and i think he will. Personally, I would prefer they get Kelly because west coast football is less of a threat to the way SEC defenses are built. But there is plenty of ignored talent in Florida to run that offense and Richt nor Jimbo is courting it. Frost is the one who worries me the most.


  10. Stoopnagle

    Yes! Spurrier puttering around the AD making things more difficult for everybody! I love it!


  11. Starbreaker

    Maybe I’m wrong, but doesn’t it seem like Frost is the “coach in waiting” for Nebraska following the season? I would imagine that’s why he’s waiting until December. Chip Kelly to UF would have scared the crap out of me 5 years ago, now it actually makes me feel like they would be diving deeper into the abyss. Like mentioned above, Stanford seemed to always beat them with a more physical, disciplined style of play. Also, recall what happened to his Ducks offense against the physical AU defense in the nat’l title game.


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      To be fair to Kelly, his Oregon teams never had many elite athletes. Even though he’s not known for recruiting (legally), he couldn’t help but get better athletes in Florida.

      I see him as another Malzahn. He has a great system. When he has the horses to run it, it’s scary. If Kelly had some four and five star talent at Florida running his blur offense, it could spell trouble for the East.