It’s never too early to get ‘yer Hate Week on.

Those Stingtalk posts aren’t gonna mock themselves, peeps.


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14 responses to “It’s never too early to get ‘yer Hate Week on.

  1. I’m not taking the bait this year, Senator. I clicked on sting talk last year from a post and it was disgusting to see a bunch of loser dorks post pics of Chubb being injured among other things. Can’t believe someone associated with that site allows doesn’t put a stop to that.


    • Macallanlover

      Their fans openly have cheered when Munson, or any Uga, died. ‘Noff said. We have to play Auburn because the conference mandates it (until the NCAA grow a pair), but we voluntarily play these pricks…for no obvious reason. I agree with the comment below, we should drop them until the NCAA fixes the dive blocking, and then it should be once every four years in Athens when they need a money game. And to recall when the rivalry was relevant and they were decent and mattered.


      • Gene Simmons

        COULD NOT AGREE MORE. I am sure that this was once a well-spirited rivalry, but now….what’s the frigging point? I would much rather play Clemson.


  2. Russ

    Hate week? No sir, it’s a year long passion with me. Beat the pencil-necked geeks and take their lunch money.


  3. “Would’ve preferred a win” thread…that’s from the Tony Barnhart school of fandom right there.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    “We’re not going to do better than PJ. Get over it. If we do, he’ll be gone to a higher level program in a heartbeat.”

    “Name one higher level program that you think would hire him.”

    “Georgia Southern, Navy, Air Force, Army. That’s it.”

    Don’t ever change, Georgia Tech.


  5. I went there so you don’t have to, but you really ought to, just so you can say you did. And see it for yourself.

    Man, are they havin’ a premature prognostication sad over there! Scroll down and look for Spiderman.


  6. We need to go rain fire and brimstone on the tech sideline.



  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    I would check out Stingtalk, but I don’t speak Urdu or Pashtun or Hindi.

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  8. “COFH Noon kick ABC”

    “Mercy killing. ”

    “Boys’ll be out of the locker room in time to hit the town. ”

    “Blame us for this. ”

    “Good. Less painful. I haven’t had this little confidence going into a Georgia game in a long time. ”

    “We ded ”

    “Good, get this öööö over with early and enjoy the rest of the day. ”

    “They’re going in dry? ”

    “Dry and repetitively. I got a bad feeling we are going to see some UGAg running backs jogging around with the ball as we flail helplessly at them ”

    And now that I enjoyed reading that thread, I am scared it’s a jinx…


  9. Doug

    Now they’re spinnin’ fanciful yarns about some mythical billboard ripping Terrence Edwards after his drop against Florida in 2002.

    Not that some of our lesser-evolved fans didn’t behave abominably toward TE, but the billboard was THANKING him for 4 spectacular years.

    For a school that prides itself on academic superiority, Tech sure does have some of the dumbest fucking fans on the planet.