Burn, baby, burn.

Nothing says quality dumpster fire like a porn star’s sneer.

Out of the mouth of a (former) porn star.

Outrageous though it may sound, that just might be the source of the most insightful and funny criticism yet regarding clueless University of Tennessee athletic director John Currie’s unfathomably embarrassing search for the school’s next football coach.

Tweeted Mia Khalifa — who reportedly now bares her soul as the DC Sports Girl — to her 2.03 million Twitter followers Wednesday morning: “Tennessee’s current Head Coach prospects are the human equivalence of the discount DVD bin at Walmart.”

Whether fair or not, when you’re being somewhat accurately laid bare by a 24-year-old, one-time porn star, hasn’t your coaching search sunk about as low as it can go?

Shit, let’s hope not.  I’m really enjoying this.


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15 responses to “Burn, baby, burn.

  1. Spike

    Pass the popcorn and I’ll grab us a couple of more beers.. Stay thirsty my friends..


  2. ASEF

    She roasted Chad Kelly a couple of times, too.


  3. Macallanlover

    This has to be the worst handled search, ever, if CFB history. Thanks for taking us off the hook Vols. But Currie has had since the Georgia game to be working on a hot list, and Vince didn’t have the internet to help him, so TN is officially in the all-time cellar.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Seems like deja vu. This search is only slightly worse than the previous searches that produced SOD and booch. Weird thing is they keep asking the same guys who turned em down the past 2 times, like Gruden and Cutcliffe. These people watched Hee Haw too long. Every hire/show is the same as the previous ones, with a cast that never changes, and same song at the end.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    Years ago, I saw a period piece starring Mel Gibson in the Wal Mart bargain bin…it wasn’t a wise purchase.


  5. Strippers breaking MSU news, porn stars commenting on the UT coach search – the SEC it just means more.


  6. Bill Glennon

    Tennessee illustrates the downside of the road UGA did not take in hiring Smart. McGarrity had his guy, gave him the space he needed to finish things out (unlike Auburn in 2012 with Smart) and had a smooth hiring process.

    In hindsight, not having an open interview process and flying to see Tom Herman was the way to go. Did McGarrity get lucky? Certainly. Herman could have been the man and Kirby not, but its just as likely that Herman would have used UGA for a raise while waiting for the Texas job the very next year. But, ask yourself if you would rather see your program do what Tennessee has done this month or Miss St? Maybe the new Miss St coach will fail, but at least he didn’t have to walk into a shitstorm, and for that he has a better chance of success. The Miss St AD didn’t use up all his reputational capital before the coach’s introductory press conference.

    There is a benefit to hiring an assistant in a quiet process, and after a 1-2 years, they learn on the job, so the experience element dosen’t matter as much. As with Smart, it’s going to take 1-2 years for any coach to get their feet under them in the new environment anyway. When you think about it, Tennessee’s only successful coach since Doug Dickey has been Phil Fulmer, an assistant. Every other failed coach had head coaching experience, and they are dead-set on only going after coaches with that now.



    • I think if you’re going to hire an assistant, the Smart approach works. Identify (or have the money guys identify) the one you want and go hire him. Close it down quickly.

      If you want to make the home run hire, you do what Alabama did with Nick Saban. Don’t take no for an answer … and yes, I remember Rich Rod said no first.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Right on Bill.


  7. AusDawg85

    When Russian hackers and ISIS enter the fray on who should be UT’s coach, should let them up off the mat?….nah.


  8. DC Weez

    Ms. Khalifa is wrong about one thing. UT will choose a coach from the discount bin but they’ll end up paying a lot more than the premium price. This coaching search never gets old.


  9. The Dawg abides

    Looks like Summlin is up next.


  10. I have a great suggestion. Tyrone Willingham. Just look at that resume’.