Nothing like a familiar face or two

Fulfilling a shortstanding dream of mine, Dan Mullen adds Todd Grantham to his Florida staff.  Third down in Jacksonville just got a whole lot more entertaining.  Can’t wait to see Todd give Rodrigo the choke sign.

Meanwhile, this story reminds me of another perk awaiting Mullen at his new gig:  he gets the chance to become re-acquainted with Huntley Johnson.  Six million a year and no player felonies ever.  Life is good.


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17 responses to “Nothing like a familiar face or two

  1. The Senator is on FIRE!!!


  2. JasonC

    Is Huntley on friendly terms with the admin right now? I thought they were having a pissing match.


  3. DawgPhan

    reading the Miss St angst over losing him last night was something else. Or that Mullen likes him enough to want to bring him to Florida.

    Its a weird league


  4. Macallanlover

    Mullen better hurry and lock him up, the TN search has to be getting close to giving him a call. If they are begging for Kiffin and Tee Martin, Todd cannot be far down the list.


  5. Mayor

    Mullen needs to clean house at FU. Get rid if the criminals that have infested that program since Urban Meyer showed up there. That was McElwain’s biggest mistake. If Mullen is to turn FU around he has to take control. Personally I hope he doesn’t.


    • Thorn Dawg

      Mullen was there with Ervin Myers recruiting those players/criminals…..


      • Mayor

        Hell, I’d bet that Mullen recruited some of them himself. That doesn’t change the fact that a cancer started growing on the FU team while Meyer was HC and it has now metastasized to the point where it threatens the program. When more than 10% of your team gets suspended right before the season for criminal activity that’s a real problem. But, as I said above, I hope Mullen doesn’t fix it. Let the Gators wallow in criminal court and jail cells where they belong.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I don’t claim to know that much about the current situation at Florida, but I do know that the only coach they have ever had that had more or less complete control could not deal with it and is now retired and waiting on the number seven tee at Augusta National, or some other really nice golf course.


  6. willypmd

    are we all sure that the Granthem hate isn’t a decade out of date? The guy keeps getting raises and he has Mississippi State in the top 10 in total defense.

    I think Granthem has consistently improved since his days in Athens as a DC. I would argue he is not elite due to his recruiting, but he would definitely be the tier below elite in my mind.

    Also, he’s a semi- finalist for the Broyles award.


    • He hasn’t exactly impressed in his two times against UGA, has he? Which is all I care about. 😉


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I don’t hate CTG. On the good side I’d say he seemed more prepared than the rest of the coaching staff when we went to JAX during his 4 years with us.

      BUT as far as negatives: 1) He’s got to be one of, if not the worst, recruiter of all the DCs in the sec; 2) His staff hires are questionable at best (see Lakatos); 3) He has some really weird peccadillos (see hand signals & towel guy; and 4) His coaching isn’t top tier – as you said. Seems to do well with players he inherits, then over a few years eventually drives the defense into the dirt.

      Seems to me fu could’ve done a heckuva lot better with a DC hire. So I don’t have a problem with TCG landing in Gainesville.


      • Mayor

        You left off: 5) His defense, particularly the pass defense, will completely break down on third and long with the game on the line and lose the game for the team.

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    • CB

      Had Bama at 3rd and 15 with less than a minute to play in the 4th quarter and a tie ball game… Gave up 20 + on the play.


  7. AusDawg85

    Where Grantham goes, can Towel Boy be far behind?