Different pressures

I saw this tweet…

… and wondered how much correlation there was between the rate of pressure Fromm’s dealt with this season and his passer rating.

It turns out there isn’t much.

His worse passer rating of the season was against Notre Dame (100.49), which makes sense, but against Mississippi State, which shows a higher pressure percentage, Fromm managed a stellar 270.70, which is still his top rating of this year.  He did only manage a 113.41 against Auburn, but did worse against Tennessee, which pressured him at a lesser rate.  His passer rating against Florida is his fifth-best effort.

It appears the more revealing distinction is his home/away split, which is 195.34/141.16.  Somehow, Kirby and Chaney need to make Jake feel comfy at Mercedes-Benz.  I don’t know if they can, but you have to think it’s an easier job than Auburn was.


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8 responses to “Different pressures

  1. Derek

    The reason he lit MSU up was that they played a soft zone behind blitzes whereas Auburn played tight man behind a 4 man rush. Huge difference for a qb.


  2. Macallanlover

    AU film had to give them ways to allow more time. Holland especially, and Brown, deserves special assistance this time around. If we give Jake some time the Barn secondary is vulnerable, and it represents the best chance to get the running game going. Failing dives up the middle before a passing/outside threat is established is something I don’t need to see proven again.


    • Derek

      If they are only sending four, you’re doing the defense a huge favor by keeping in extra blockers. They get to double team almost everyone.

      If they rush 4 and we send 5 out that’s 5 receivers vs. 7 defenders. You keep extra people in to block 4 and the numbers just get worse.

      We need to block their 4 and force them to send more.


      • Macallanlover

        Well yeah, if we could have blocked Holland and Brown with our OL guys the first time, we wouldn’t be discussing different ideas. I put an athletic TE back there to help Thomas in place of a small RB on passing situations, and keep the TE in to block, and maybe release. I have confidence when Fromm has time, even if we are down a receiver. And Crumpton/Mecole would have them concerned because they would have their tongues hanging out. Their secondary is the weak spot, hammer it.


  3. So whichever quarters we are playing toward our home crowd, we need to air it out. I like the thinking! lol

    Total aside; I hate the way the SEC divides the championship game along the 50 yard line between fan bases. It would be much better if they divided it along the middle of the field like it is in Jacksonville.


  4. Atticus

    And how many times did we run vs pass on 1st down? Too many 3rd and longs. Have to mix it up to take the pressure off 3rd down.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Awbun, when Awbun is good, is the toughest place to play in the SEC. Atlanta ain’t Awbun…will it matter? I guess that’s why we spend all this money.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Didn’t we use 2 extra OTs as TEs a few times in JAX? If we’re absolutely determined to run it down their throats, which it seemed like at awbie, let’s bring in some more beef. Kindley at FB anyone?