Musical palate cleanser, Nuggets edition, day five

Wrapping up this week’s theme, here’s The Nazz, featuring Todd Rundgren and his song, “Open My Eyes”.

That Gibson Flying V is a bad-assed looking guitar, no?


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3 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, Nuggets edition, day five

  1. Derek

    That intro is almost an exact copy of “I Can’t Explain.”


    • Saxondawg

      I’ve always thought the same thing. Has to be intentional. But Rundgren is and always has been a wizard, a true star. I think he was a teenager when he was with the Nazz. Just a phenomenal musician and personality.


  2. Yeah, the Vee is a badass axe but I’m partial to my Reverse Vee. Todd and The Nazz must have had a Gibson fetish. An SG, a Vee and an SG bass all in one place. I really like the Darryl’s House episodes with Todd-one of the great songwriters of the ’70s.