Fear this man.

If you haven’t seen this picture of Elijah Holyfield — and it’s been all over the Intertubes the last day or so — prepare to be shocked and awed.


Great googly mooglies… how would you like to be a defensive back trying to tackle him in the open field under a head of steam?


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36 responses to “Fear this man.

  1. Rex

    I hope he’s not skipping leg days.

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  2. AusDawg85

    Nice technique…squeezing all of the air out of the football so he can’t fumble.


  3. Herschel Talker

    I’m wondering if he has good genetics


  4. 81Dog

    maybe a new nickname, looks like him…

    at Rose Bowl media day, Roquan was asked which of UGA’s stable of awesome RBs he most hated to see coming at him when he stepped up into the hole at practice. RS smiled, and responded “Seriuosly? Holyfield.”


  5. Derek

    Don’t be shocked if we’re not better everywhere except punter and ILB.


    • David K.

      I don’t disagree that we could be better at RB but there’s more to being a great back than strength and speed. Sony and Nick had vision, knew where to cut back, they could pass protect. Just because you put athletic freaks back there doesn’t mean they’ll find the hole and take it to the endzone with regularity like those two could. Swift shows that he could be that guy but everyone coming in still has a lot to prove.


      • 83Dawg

        Especially in the second half of the season, Sony would cut into the field of play, which would change the pursuit angle of the defenders, then cut back to the sideline.
        Then outrun them to the end zone.


      • Uglydawg

        Elijah, behind the huge O line, will wear down defensed until they give up in the third quarter. He won’t have to cut one degree to do that. When they start heaving, we show them Mr. Swift.


        • DawgByte

          Me thinks Cleveland and Wilson might open a few gaps for Holyfield to slide through this year. They’re slightly Uuuge!


  6. artful codger

    looks like a junior-size football the kids play with


  7. SpellDawg

    Are they practicing with Pop Warner footballs?!? That ball looks the size of the ones my kids play with next to his biceps, gol’damn!


  8. Boz

    I’m convinced that pic was photoshopped..


  9. Spur 21

    OMG I can’t imagine taking that kid on………………………


  10. Redhotchilidawg

    In the handful of games where he got meaningful carries I thought he showed up with bad intentions. If Swift is the primary back and he gets spelled by Holyfield coming in running like he did against Florida and Vandy, we will be in great shape. Not to mention what Cook and Zeus may be able to contribute.


  11. Just my opinion, but I don’t think Holyfield will be more than a solid backup. Nothing wrong with that, we need a back who can fill that role. I just think Swift is heads and shoulders above him. I think one or two of the new guys will also pass him. Sure he will be effective against the cupcakes and lesser SEC D’s, but when we get to Atlanta and the playoffs, he will get shut down by elite defenses. Good thing we have plenty of other backs.


    • “I don’t think Holyfield will be more than a solid backup.”

      He would have started everywhere but UGA, Alabama and Auburn last year. When he got his opportunities, he ran hard. Does he have Swift’s top end speed? No. Does Swift have Holyfield’s power? Right now, no. I think they line up to be a pretty good 1-2 punch.


  12. Skeeter

    Since this appears to have been Photoshopped, please consider updating the pic, lest you get slammed for being “Fake News”. Real photo is impressive enough, anyway.


  13. Cousin Eddie

    That stiff arm is going to give someone whip lash.


  14. MDDawg

    “Make sure you tell Lattimer that the NCAA will be testing on Saturday.”

    The Program


  15. Will

    I feel like we need a “Mama said knock you out” chant for when he comes into games next year.


  16. HiAltDawg

    And he has his Father’s “Eye of the Tiger” circa the Cruiserweight days!