Today’s fun factoid

Per Seth Emerson ($$):

Speed plus blocking equals not just explosive plays, but also consistent big plays: Georgia has gained at least 10 yards on 27.5 percent of its plays, which is the 11th-highest rate in the FBS. The national average is 21.2 percent. Last year, Georgia did it 22.4 percent of the time.

Even better, notwithstanding the big chunk plays, chopping five minutes of game clock off the fourth quarter of the opener and having run fewer offensive plays than a hundred (!) other teams, Georgia still ranks a respectable 50th in time of possession.


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  1. Nobody is really talking about that last drive; but that was a message sender. Carolina claims to have emptied their bench (maybe)… But Georgia did empty theirs and just ran it down Carolina’s throat… It was just nasty… They had physically beat that team up… It was still really hot with one team just imposing it’s will on the other… As I read a quote by one Gamecock fan – “Kirby is taking pity on us”… That’s exactly right… If he had turned Field’s loose in the 2nd half – he could have hung 60 on the chickens..

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    • Uglydawg

      I was a little surprised when Kirby let Fields go for it on fouth down. Thought we might punt..but the idea was to get the subs as many reps as possible. Taking a knee as early as possible was a class act. I hope SOS saw it…but he was down in Florida tailgating with the Jorts and Coors crowd so he probably didn’t.


  2. Huntindawg

    I don’t understand that stat. How can we run fewer plays but hold on to the ball longer? Does that mean we are running the opposite of the HUNH? I guess the SDHL (Slow Down Huddle Longer)?


    • p44haynes

      Running the ball, running the clock. That last drive was 1 second short of 10 minutes and we ran 16 plays. That’s about 37.5 seconds of time per play.


  3. I see Kirby has a substitute belt holder per article photo. Guess that bald dude is workin’ his way up the ladder (or down?)


  4. 69Dawg

    Kirby says “keep on chopping” but i think grinding them into a fine powder is pretty much what we did. USCjr played 56 players out of 120. Georgia played 66 players out of 70. Go figure.


    • That’s a pretty incredible stat right there and speaks volumes about the state of the 2 programs. I mentioned this over the weekend, but the CBS crew was gushing about the number of blue chip players on the field wearing white in the 4th quarter.