Today, in case you didn’t know

If, in this week’s “Let’s Play Mr. Conventional Wisdom” game, you picked Josh Allen…

… drink!


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11 responses to “Today, in case you didn’t know

  1. If Andrew Thomas stays healthy today, he can hold his own. It should be a great match-up.

    Mr. CW needs to go find somewhere to retire. No one cares about his extremely lukewarm takes.


    • Greg

      Thinks they move #41 right or left. May be a tough matchup on our right side. Agree on Thomas, I believe he will not allow a sack. Hopes to see Cleveland worked back in there. Still missing Muckle & Marshall….thank goodness Davis is developing & Wyatt along Rice has made it back. Some of those injuries have made us very inconsistent on ‘D.


  2. AusDawg85

    Surely Pittman knows how to coach his line and put an extra blocker on that guy. Surely….


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Shit. I picked Benny Snell.


  4. Greg

    That DA, anybody knows we just have to just score more that they do. Sometimes, I wonder about that fellow.


  5. Brandon

    “The winners of today’s GA-UK and BAMA-LSU games will meet in Atlanta”.


  6. Randall Adams

    No it’s not… I’m beginning to lose more and more respect for this guy. The key to Georgia is a balanced offense. Running and throwing in a balance way will kill Kentucky. They have not faced an offense close to this all year. Now an offshoot of this is how it affects the rush…

    Another oversimplification…


  7. Macallanlover

    While it could be deeper, he ain’t wrong, how we handle, or scheme against Allen is more important than all the talk about Snell, or the QB. Most of the talk has been about other situations, I think the average UGA fan doesn’t realize how good Josh Allen is. At least he didn’t get fooled, or distracted. If Fromm has time, UGA can win handily. I would give him a pass on this