Name that caption, loose lips edition

Gus Malzahn was caught muttering something on his way to greet Kirby Smart after last night’s game…

Welp, that’s one interpretation.  Here’s another.

He’s unhappy, so I’m good either way, actually.  Your thoughts/interpretations?


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46 responses to “Name that caption, loose lips edition

  1. willypmd

    “It’s too bad I’m coaching the first transgender college football team”


    • Dolly Llama

      Where in the hell did that come from? Why is this on your mind? There are non-sequiturs and then there’s just gibberish, but I don’t know what you call this.


      • sniffer

        You’ve never tried your hand at humor, Dolly? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


      • willypmd

        Yeah, geez it was a joke.

        Sorry if you found offense, it was a play off a previous meme that made the rounds a few years ago showing a picture of the Auburn locker room with the caption of “first transgender restroom “

        Was supposed to be a light hearted jab at Auburn


      • Makefrangreatagain

        Found the transgender.


  2. EmotionallyLogical

    I’ll say it has to do with officiating and “They better not fine me” for what I say in post-game presser.


  3. Derek

    “He better not find me.”

    I think it’s a macho bs threat about the end of game handshake.


  4. C. Todd

    i get are “they better not fine me,” but i don’t recall any moments to which that would apply.

    he could be saying “they better not find me,” which would be apt once they fire him and he heads to an island with his buyout.


  5. Ellis

    “I hate playing in this state”


  6. I’d need to confirm when this actually happened. My thought was that this was after the targeting call when he ripped into the officials.

    And it looks like “they better not fine me”, which would make sense in that context.


  7. Em, King here

    I kinda like the Kirby lip reading to Elijah, no mistaking that


  8. UGA '97

    Other misinterpreted lyrics:

    “Better not fine me” (SEC office or his targeting tyrade sidline explosions on refs) which was the typical Auburn Fairley-esque spearing on Fromm by the dumaass Auburn Dlineman.

    “Better not Find me” when I run off to a deserted island with Auburn’s next 10 years’ Athletic Dept.Fund.

    “They Better not Hire Me”- thinking Louisville

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  9. MDDawg

    Could it been “better not flag me”? Or was this after the game was over?

    I could also see “They better not fine me” as UGA ’97 pointed out above.


  10. TimberRidgeDawg

    It damn sure wasn’t “We beat the dawgcrap out of them”

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  11. sniffer

    Who the hell is he talking to? His headset is up by his ear


  12. Governor Milledge

    “They’re probably gonna fire me”


  13. Derek

    I really enjoyed the lip reading when Gus went off on 17 for helping us with catching the punt. Pretty sure it was:

    “Get on the sideline. You’re a dumbass.”


  14. Bulldog Joe

    “Not the friggin’ Backstreet Boys.”


  15. Uglydawg.

    Was he thinking Auburn would use his behavior on the sideline as cause to fire him without the buyout. Every week coaches behave that way (on the sideline) but they’re not fined nor fired for it…but Gus knows there are over 30 million reasons that the Auburn administration might look differently on his behavior now than they did, say…last year.
    To be honest, Gus is a pretty decent guy. He was cordial to Kirby after the game. He gave more than the quick “congratulations” and spoke with Kirby with a pat on the back to boot.
    It’s easy to, and I guess we’re expected to raz him over this year’s shortcomings, but I don’t think he should be fired. He’s had some success at the Barn and given a couple of years will turn them around. What coach would do better in the short term?
    Yeah, I heard his smart remark after last year’s game. He’s paid for that one.
    And making the money he makes, why should he concern himself with a fine?
    Maybe he was thinking the school could use his behavior on the sideline to fire him “with cause”, thus avoiding the buyout? If so, he would be looking at millions circling the drain.
    While I enjoy the Dawgs beating all of these guys, their schools would do well to hang on to most of them and allow them to finish the building process.


  16. Mayor

    How many times has Auburn beats the Dawgs while Gus was HC? Twice? And once was because of the biggest fluke pass play of all time. Keep Gus forever!!


  17. Dante

    I’m pretty sure it’s “I really hate Applebee’s.”

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  18. Spike

    Maybe it’s “ I hope the Waffle House is open”.


  19. Cynical Dawg

    They think he’s saying “I buried Paul”, but he’s really saying “cranberry sauce”.


  20. JTPruettt

    It was at the 12:04 mark of the 4th quarter after an Auburn punt. Swift had just scored on his 77 yard TD run the series before. After the fair catch by Godwin and the game was going to commercial, they cut to Gus on the sideline…


  21. Doug

    Look on the bright side, Gus: There’s a job waiting for you as an “analyst” for the Crimson Tide.


  22. WarD Eagle

    Better not fire me is the best interpretation.

    Better not fine me is the most realistic

    Someone elsewhere said it was immediately after him yelling at the refs.

    Still, considering the years he’s having…