Insane on the Plains

Auburn’s gonna Auburn, y’all.

With the regular season over, Josh Moon of the Montgomery (Ala.) Reporter reported Monday that a faction of AU power-brokers have gathered support to oust Malzahn, to the point where a search for his replacement is already underway…

Malzahn signed a 7-year, $49 million contract after leading Auburn to wins over Georgia and Alabama en route to an SEC West championship in 2017. The cost to buy the sixth-year Auburn coach out of his contract at this point is a reported $32 million with $16 million of that due nearly immediately should they make this decision.

For what it is worth, FootballScoop was told that people representing Auburn met with Bob Stoops a few weeks back….

Why in the world Bob Stoops would want to work for those folks is beyond me, but whatever.


UPDATE:  Big Game Bob strenuously objects.


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46 responses to “Insane on the Plains

  1. Derek

    Petrino is available.

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  2. Debby Balcer

    Crazy. I can imagine much better things to do with 32 million dollars. Maybe Gene Chizick would come back 😂😂😂


    • 81Dog

      32 million PLUS 70?80? Million for Stoops. That’s insane money. Stoops will regret going there, unless his plan is to suck for 2 or 3 years and Charley Weis his way into a pasha like retirement.


  3. Bigshot

    Big game Bob, bring him on.


  4. Randall Adams

    Good luck with that…


  5. heyberto

    Lane friggin’ Kiffin.


  6. Ben

    Please hire Stoops.


  7. dawgfan

    $32 million? Insanity. They aren’t going above third place in the west any time soon with Jimbo and Nick in place no matter who they hire. They might as well keep Gus. Do they have any recruits we can poach?


  8. Will Trane

    Best be careful, and not rush to judgement.
    Gus did beat Bama last year who ended up being national champions.
    The sure fire hire would be the legit Bama beater…Hugh Freeze.
    Now the SEC told Saban he should not hire Freeze as OC, or that was the word around the state of affairs in the state of Alabama. Instead, Locksely became OC.
    Or they could go after Dabo, who was miffed at the Clemson faithful for their current displeasure of his wins and not beating USC by 70 points.
    If I am Dabo, I make the call. After all loyalty is just a matter of time now days. Plus, he could ticket himself right into the Capstone with Saban leaves.


  9. Will Trane

    Now that Moon was all afire with his comments and feed out, looks like the AJC is being squeezed by Tech folks to replace Bradley with Moon.
    Bradley is not going to move Johnson, but Moon has never seen a coach he would not go after.


  10. Chunky A

    Leech….how entertaining would that be?


  11. This doesn’t worry me at all. Stoops annual underachieved in a conference with no real competition.

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  12. Uglydawg.

    Terry Bowden


  13. JasonC

    Why don’t they give about $500,000 of that money to the bag man and have him get Gus the QB he needs instead of wasting the money? Seriously, these guys are professional cheaters and they haven’t come up with that idea yet?
    Also, it’s gonna be real hard for Stoops to be in the SEC since he loves to bad-mouth the SEC. Seems like a bit of a personality disorder waiting to happen.


    • AusDawg85

      A QB worth $500,000 knows better than to play for Gus. Hopefully they’ll overpay for a $10 QB and claim his preseason Heisman award.


  14. Biggen

    I could see Mark Stoops but not Bob.

    But hell, Mack Brown’s ass is back coaching so who the hell knows…


  15. Stoops? If this rumor is true, he must have wanted a year off. I guess it’s possible.

    If Charlie Strong got the right support (and offensive coordinator), he might be tough to deal with. He did a pretty darn good job at the ‘Ville. He was never accepted in Austin for whatever reason.


    • Jim

      Stoops left OU b/c there was a video going around of one of his kids snorting blow. I forget the specifics but it was somehow even worse than that. He retired instead of dealing with the fallout if it has gone public


  16. Bill Glenon

    Kinda nice watching your rivals make self-destructive decisions because they can’t beat you, further de-stabilizing their programs while you reap the zero-sum benefits.

    While Saban and Kirby are coaching, Auburn and Tennessee will be always be trainwrecks.


  17. UGA '97

    Fake news


  18. JoshG

    Art Briles.


  19. Uglydawg.

    Please let this be the beginning of a Knoxville class dumpster fire in Auburn!


  20. Bigshot



  21. drudge

    A barner friend told me he heard Gus is bringing in Freeze as OC, Stidham goes to NFL, and Kelly Bryant goes to the most hideous village in the universe.


  22. It was all fun and games until mid 2nd quarter of SECC. They sobered up real quick.


  23. Russ

    Well, he DID get the dreaded “vote of confidence” before the Iron Bowl.


  24. Morris Day

    I don’t, uh… I don’t care for Auburn.


  25. DC Weez

    I was going to be an AD but then I got high.


  26. CPark58

    It’s Hugh Freeze, it’s always been Hugh Freeze, Every thing else is Auburn misdirection window dressing. He lies, he cheats, smoked UGA his last time against them and is a royal pain in the ass to Alabama, all while parading around as a holy roller. Hell, his last job had a mascot identity issues too. What is more Auburn than that? Not to mention he’d come cheap if not free for the first year until he beat Bama.

    If there has ever been a better match between school and coach I’d love to hear it.

    On one hand I’d hate to see this happen because dude is a good coach and the Auburn bag men are world class. On the other hand, the NCAA and SEC would be all over their ass and their next blatant transgression might just be the thing to put them out of the football business for a year or two and relegated to playing SMU in the Poinsettia Bowl for years upon their return.


  27. Spike

    The popcorn is ready!


  28. ASEF

    Nothing like buyout rumors three weeks prior to early signing day. War Dumb Eagle


  29. AusDawg85

    Heard they are selling Toomers pharmacy to CVS to raise the cash.


  30. ChiliDawg

    I think they got their Stoops mixed up, I believe they’re trying to get MIKE Stoops, the now-former defensive coordinator.


  31. back9k9

    Man, if AU is going to fire their coach every few years because they can’t beat Saban / Bama, they are going to blow through some serious cash.


  32. Kdawg

    Ole Medium game Bob wants no part of the SEC. He crapped out at Choklahoma and gave the reigns to Riley.


  33. AceDawg

    Always love seeing coaches deny that they were contacted emphatically so as to avoid declaring whether they are in theory interested if there were a job offer.