At Auburn, a tradition unlike any other

That sure didn’t take long.  Three days after Auburn’s spring game, they’re already comparing Joey Gatewood to Cam Newton.

Auburn, where there’s always another Heisman quarterback candidate waiting in the wings to blossom under Gus’ guidance.


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18 responses to “At Auburn, a tradition unlike any other

  1. Bulldog Joe

    No need to throw QBRs around. It’s done.


  2. Cojones

    It’s hard to figure out who ever played with Cam and is making these comparisons. 🙂


  3. Texas Dawg

    When you said a tradition unlike any other and Auburn was in the title, I was fully expecting an article on cheating and probation

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    • gastr1

      Though as they can have more than one aggressive animal nickname, they can have more than tradition. Toilet papering their own trees? Check. Cheating and probation? Check. Absurdly out of perspective spring hopes for second rate retread QB? Check, check, check.


  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    He showed real promise during the “leap out of a dorm room with a stolen laptop” challenge otherwise known as the War Damn Eagle flight drill.


  5. the most beautiful and craziest village on the Plains. One of the better definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. How many bad or ordinary QB’s have they had in a row now that are all preseason Heisman candidates? Whatever number it is they are adding one to it. Keep being the Barn .


  6. Timphd

    And yet he hasn’t beaten Bo out of the job yet. Imagine how good Bo must be.


  7. Biggen

    Isn’t this the year that its NC or bust for Gus. The odds of him being fired at the end of this year have to be monumental.


  8. Mark

    Gatewood can’t possibly be the next great Auburn QB. He wasn’t kicked off another SEC team for stealing.


  9. Coach Bobby Finstock

    I love the title of the article. They can’t help but compare him to Cam. It’s not their fault. They just can’t help themselves. How apropos.


  10. Mark

    It’s posts like these that make this blog a must read everyday. Thank you Senator.

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  11. Muttley

    And once in a while they’ll come up with a QB- but you just can’t predict anything at Auburn except that it usually won’t be what anybody expects (2003, etc.). If their fans are feelin’ good, usually I’m feelin’ good.

    They have a surprisingly thorny history at QB, too. A few great ones like Sullivan or Cam, and a whole heap of Burgers and other blue collar types.

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  12. Puffdawg

    Good God, that made me cringe.

    “…but it’s what he’s did behind closed doors…”

    “Perhaps it was a good thing Auburn coach Gus Malzahn barred quarterbacks from speaking to reporters. Gatewood would have otherwise heard his teammates fawning over his duality in the backfield and making comparisons to one of the best college football quarterbacks in history.”

    Wait, what?


  13. Doug

    Daniel Cobb. Jason Campbell. Brandon Cox. Kodi Burns. Cam Newton. Barrett Trotter. Kiehl Frazier. Nick Marshall. Sean White. Jarrett Stidham. I seem to recall all of these guys being touted by Auburn fans at various points as the Second Coming, but by my count they’re batting .200 at best on that one. (And those QBs, incidentally, have batted .316 against Georgia.)