From an interview with departing UT player Jonathan Kongbo ($$):

How would you describe the last year at Tennessee?

I think the last year was a step toward a right direction for the program. Under Butch Jones, I just felt like there were a lot of people in administrative roles that shouldn’t be there. That shouldn’t be working with kids. They were just there for their own selfish gain.

When you say people were in administrative roles that shouldn’t be there, what do you mean?

I just felt like with the old, I don’t want to say staff, because the staff was straight. The people around the program, whether it be the AD or whatever, it wasn’t the right fit for what Tennessee wants to do. Tennessee wants to be an elite, championship-winning program. In my opinion, they just didn’t go about it the right way…

What was it like before?

Man, we’d have football twice a week during the offseason. We’d have football meetings twice a week. Also, you know, the rules have changed over time. Last year, we had football in the mornings and in the afternoons. We were getting it in twice a day, specifically just football stuff. So, I feel like at the old place, it was about the fluff and having cool this, cool that. We need to have new TVs. We were changing TVs like every week. Or we need new wallpaper.

No, we need to win games, man. (Laughs). It was just the wrong thing they cared about.

Those of you who wonder where schools could find money to pay student-athletes need to consider that it might not be as hard as you think.  This is what outfits that don’t have to pay market compensation to the hired help do with the savings.  Me, I’m thinking paying that star running back instead of the TV dude might just work fine.


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  1. CB

    Here we go again Senator. You think just because the schools have lots of money that they can just hand it over to the kids? You obviously don’t understand how economics work because if you did that you would have to have an NFL style draft and don’t even get me started on taxes. How would that even work? The same way as everyone else? I mean, yeah probably, but we don’t know for sure so we shouldn’t do it. The players getting paid would directly effect my life in a negative way, I say we just let all the good ones go to the XFL and start recruiting D-III players from Berry. It’ll be just as entertaining. Maybe even more so.

    👆🏼I figure if I say all that for them we can skip the song and dance this time.


    • You obviously don’t understand how economics work because if you did that you would have to have an NFL style draft and don’t even get me started on taxes.

      Shit. I guess Virginia’s gonna be asking me to give my diploma back any day now.

      They’re paying players now. I must have missed when that draft you mentioned was instituted. CFB isn’t monolithic like the NFL, so who’s gonna run your draft?

      As far as taxes go, they’ll be treated just like every other hard working American. Rocket science, this isn’t.

      The players getting paid would directly effect my life in a negative way…

      Again, they’re already getting paid and you’re still here. Drama queen much?


  2. Normaltown Mike

    Senator: I thought you were solely a NLI free market guy. But this reads like you want the schools to pay a straight up salary to players.

    Have you moved on that or did I misunderstand you?


  3. South FL Dawg

    Taxes aren’t going to be a problem because you can’t pay an athlete exactly the cost of attendance and expect the athlete to come out of pocket for taxes. Schools will have to pay attendance costs PLUS taxes because that’s the only way those athletes will be able to attend. Of course if you are the employer, you would rather your workforce not have to pay taxes so you could pay them less.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    This reminds me of Fulmer interviews whenever they lost – there’s not enough fingers for all the pointing. Wasn’t Kongbo considered a big disappointment? I guess he can re-watch Vandy beat their a$$es on those new TVs, then say its the staff’s fault.


  5. UGA'13

    This sounds like one of those rare instances where talk of the new head coach instigating a “culture change” isn’t just blowing smoke. We’ve learned to laugh at Tennessee in recent years, and increased the talent gap considerably, but it would seem Pruitt and Fulmer have things moving in a competitive direction. I don’t see Vanderbilt’s reign as state champs lasting too much longer.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Players respect Pruitt even if the administrators don’t. It was true here, too.

    Fund raising hasn’t been an issue for Tennessee. It appears they can get it done with a minimal amount of involvement from Pruitt. Keep him from getting on the bad side of the Haslams and just let him coach.

    As long as the staff stays loyal I can see how it could work up there.