Smile. It’s Friday afternoon.

That ain’t bad.  Not even a little bit.


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10 responses to “Smile. It’s Friday afternoon.

  1. Smoky Joe Would

    Has anyone shown this to Dan Mullen?


    • Russ

      I’m sure Cousin Eddie will have something snarky to say.

      BTW, when was the last time a team with Mullen as a coach beat a team with Kirby as a coach? I know no team with Kirby as the head coach has lost to Mullen. It ain’t happening this year, either.

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  2. Texas Dawg

    But Florida was and is sooooo close to knocking UGA off. Don’t believe me? Ask Dan Mullen. Florida is right there.


  3. Dave

    We are what we wanted to be with just the one obvious piece. Odds are in our favor that we’ll get that, too, especially if the recruiting and on-field performance remain a constant or improve even slightly.

    Heady days.

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  4. Charlottedawg

    All paths to sec and national championships start with beating intra divisional opponents. This to me is the biggest difference between the mark Richt and kirby smart eras.

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    • Classic City Canine

      Yep. Gotta dominate the East before anything else can happen.


      • J-Dawg

        That “anything else” would be Jake Fromm leaving after this year. Make no mistake about it: we win because of Jake. All the talent in the world won’t matter if your QB isn’t up to snuff. Let’s hope that Mathis makes some quantum leaps this year.


  5. Classic City Canine

    While I’m waiting for a National Championship, this is quite an enjoyable ride. Smashing the East year in and year out is immensely satisfying. We should never grow tired of beating up on our rivals no matter what happens in the post season.

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