“I believe it’s the hottest rivalry in the SEC right now…”

If, by “hottest”, PAWWWLLL!!! means “the one I can do the most shit-stirring about”, I agree with him that Georgia-Florida qualifies.

“I think there’s a sense at Florida that they are gaining and literally breathing down Georgia’s neck, that’s been promoted by Dan Mullen, and I’ve heard it,” he said. “Georgia fans are like, ‘are you kidding me?’

“It’s like you’re at the company picnic on July 4 and a fly lands on your barbecue, and you shoo it away — that’s how I think Georgia fans feel about Florida.”

And for that we, including Finebaum, have Dan Mullen to thank.

“I was in Mullen’s office a couple of weeks ago and that’s all he wanted to talk about, he showed me the three (national championship) trophies, asked me the last time Georgia got one, and it was on,” Finebaum told DawgNation. “It reminded me of 20 years ago when Steve Spurrier would try out SEC Media Days material when guys like us would call him to shoot the breeze in May and June.”

“He was just very cocky and arrogant about everything, like last year didn’t happen, and the year before when he was at (Mississippi) State,” Finebaum said, referencing Smart’s domination in the head-to-head meetings with Mullen.

“I don’t know if (Mullen) necessarily believes that they are that close, but he wants his people to believe it, and based on what I hear every day, Florida fans believe it,” Finebaum said.

I have to say it’s certainly been an entertaining offseason for this blogger.  Half the Florida fan base seems to be slitting its collective wrists over the way Kirby has owned Mullen on the recruiting trail, while half appears to be… well, traditional Gator fans.

“They believe because they dominated in the 1990s, Mullen has enabled Florida to believe that they are back.”

It’s gonna be a spicy Cocktail Party this November.



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22 responses to ““I believe it’s the hottest rivalry in the SEC right now…”

  1. Biggus Rickus

    When they lose by two or more touchdowns again, it should make for some wonderful internet arguments between their fans.


  2. Greg

    That Texas loss has certainly not helped things….but what the hell, shat happens.

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    • Brandon M

      It was easy to see how uninterested we were in that game, until we got hit in the mouth and it was too late. Even though there is still something to be said about going into any football game with that mindset in the first place. I believe the ass whooping we received in NOLA was just the slice of humble pie we needed to really work and grind this off-season. I honestly think this is the year we do something truly special. Just need ole lady luck to not kick us in the nuts along the way.


  3. Gaskilldawg

    There will be a lot of blue and orange bitching in the exit ramps with 10 minutes to go in the game. Mullen will be the focus of the bitching.


  4. Mayor

    FU fans need to worry about getting past Mizzou and Kentucky. Those are the Gay-turds’ real rivals.

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    • Cojones

      And, I think, the two teams in the east that can give us the most trouble.

      Remember, their mindsets are that we are beatable because they have done so recently. Kentucky’s post season victory is high in their minds coupled with our loss to Texas. If we give either team a breath of encouragement, those kids with their mindset can prove to be more than worrisome when they play like possible giant-killers.


    • Macallanlover

      Well, let’s not forget the humorous, self- anointed champs in Orlando who are actually speaking down to FU these days. Until they went too far with the silliness, UCF was the only team in the state getting positive football attention in the media. At least the delusional FU fans will not have far to go to find a similar group to support and hang with.



    The only thing Florida fans have over TN fans is that the Fl fans are more delusional. TN fans now know they are in the dumps, Fl fans have yet to realize it. Even with the record of the 90’s, UGA still leads the series.

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  6. Fake it til you make it.

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  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Oh Danny boy, the recruits, the recruits are NOT calling…

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    • Cojones

      Man, that places the Beast in the Beauty. …..from swamp to swamp and down the sand dune sides. The summer’s gone and all the flora’s dying, it’s you, it’s you must go when the Dawgs abide.


  8. TXBaller

    Didnt we hear the same shit last year about South Carolina?????


  9. Russ

    “It’s gonna be a spicy first half at the Cocktail Party this November.”


    We will give them an absolute beat down. #FTMF


  10. stoopnagle



  11. AceDawg

    I have no problem with media pimps putting gas on this rivalry although Mullen was doing just fine without a helping hand.


  12. UGA '97

    Right now, we have no SEC East rival established. Our biggest regular season defacto rival is a revolving annual game played vs any sec west team at their house. Our biggest post season rival is Bama. Pawwl is also a fly to shoo away with forced narratives about the Gators.


  13. Pedro

    I am old enough to remember “The year of the Gator”. The expression always started with “Next year will be…”.