“It wasn’t like we were recording it while it was happening.”

The NCAA serves up another heaping slice of slippery-slope pie.

Kent State defensive back Qwuantrezz Knight will appeal the NCAA’s denial of his waiver request for immediate eligibility, which he says is based on depression he developed while playing at Maryland.

Knight, a junior from Quincy, Florida, announced his transfer from Maryland on Nov. 5, six days after the school fired coach DJ Durkin, who had briefly been reinstated from administrative leave after two investigations into the football program. Knight transferred to Kent State and in May sought an immediate eligibility waiver, citing “depression symptoms due to the environment he experienced on the University of Maryland’s football team,” Kent State associate director for compliance Stephanie Rosinski wrote to the NCAA in a letter Knight provided to ESPN.

The NCAA’s committee on legislative relief denied Knight’s request June 4, writing that Knight “did not provide objective documentation that supports the assertion that [he] was the victim of egregious behavior” at Maryland.

Look, I get something of the dilemma here.  You don’t want kids cropping up all over the place claiming depression as grounds for a transfer waiver without some verifiable basis for it.  But, jeez, what more do they need regarding what happened at Maryland?  There’s all kinds of documented evidence of abuse that the school itself discovered.

Knight’s statement cites two incidents from Maryland’s weight room, one in which a 45-pound plate allegedly was thrown at a teammate who wasn’t performing a workout correctly, and another in which a teammate allegedly was berated and forced to eat junk food for not making the weight required by the staff. Rosinski writes in her letter than both incidents involved former Maryland strength and conditioning coach Rick Court in 2016. Court and Maryland parted ways in August, days after an ESPN report detailed allegations of abuse within the program, several of which allegedly involved Court.

A university-commissioned investigation into the program found that Court “engaged in abusive conduct” while at Maryland. Rosinski writes that while the weight room incidents didn’t directly involve Knight, the impact on his mental health “should not be minimized.”  Knight doesn’t recall speaking with the investigative committee about his experience at Maryland but included the report in his waiver request.

It’s the kid’s bad luck he didn’t speak on the record.  And that’s the hair the NCAA decides to split.

“They [the NCAA] know what happened there, but they need more evidence as to things that happened to me,” Knight told ESPN. “It wasn’t like we were recording it while it was happening. Everything that was going on there, from the coaching culture and everything, you don’t really need evidence from that. Everything that you guys read, that was true. What more evidence do you need?

“I’m a kid that was actually there and went through it and witnessed everything. … I was definitely affected by it.”

I guess it’s too bad the FBI hasn’t investigated the Maryland coaching staff.  The NCAA needs to do away with this shabby, subjective approach and simply give every student-athlete one chance to transfer and play immediately, no questions asked.  Shameful.



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  1. UGA '97

    “Hey Knight, if u transfer OUT OF the big 10 after a coach’s firing, expect to get your waiver denied, but anyone who wants to transfers INTO the Big 10, can expect their waiver granted….” see Shea Patterson.


    • Texas Dawg

      So your saying Luke Ford got his waiver since he was transferring INTO the BIG 10? I must have missed that one. Granted it is Illinois but still. From what I have seen the NCAA has absolutely no rhyme or reason for their arbitrary decisions. Tate Martel got an immediate waive when leaving the BIG 10. It is a total crap shoot.

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  2. Reverend Whitewall

    Bluto, what did you think of Seth’s split-the-baby suggestion from a few weeks back that anybody can transfer one time with immediate eligibility, but only after you’ve been at the original school for 2 years? That way it gives the coaching staff a chance to work through that initial homesickness phase that a lot of players go through, but also still have a good bit of your eligibility left for the player.


    • I see no reason for a 2-year qualifier.

      For that matter, neither does the NCAA. Remember, if a school is sanctioned with a multiple-year postseason ban, underclassmen are free to transfer without restriction.

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  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Too bad he’s not a QB transferring to a Power 5 school.


  4. Nashville West

    Let’s see, the presumed ohio state quarterback is subject to one racial slur by a drunk, which he heard about second hand, and he gets to play immediately. This kid goes through a documented hell hole at Maryland and he has to sit. Only with the NCAA does that make any sense.


  5. TimberRidgeDawg

    One time Get out of Jail Free card for all, then a formal application process for repeat offenders.

    Kids should have the right to move without issue at least one time regardless of circumstance. After that, maybe there should be some more rigor.


  6. KISS. One transfer with immediate eligibility as long as the reason for the transfer isn’t related to behavioral issues. Any future student-athlete initiated transfer before graduation requires sitting for a year … no exceptions.

    If your scholarship isn’t renewed by the university, you can freely transfer with immediate eligibility whether you have transferred once, no exceptions.


  7. If I coach is terminated, then a kid that was signed by that coach, should be able to enter the portal that day – and not have to sit out a year.

    That simple.


  8. Mayor

    Totally agree with you on this, Senator.


  9. whb209

    “Knight’s statement cites two incidents from Maryland’s weight room, one in which a 45-pound plate allegedly was thrown at a teammate who wasn’t performing a workout correctly, and another in which a teammate allegedly was berated”
    I am very sorry, but what a pussy… Knight should have been at UGA in 1967-1969 when Coach Mrvos was the weight room Altia the Hun, “berated would have been great”. I saw him hit Hugh Gordon in the gut while Hugh was bench pressing about 235lbs. The weights came down on his face, tearing out skin,bone and teeth. Two student assistants took him to the hospital, Coach Mrvos poured a bucket of water over the bench, and with teeth and blood all over the floor, Coach M. hollered, “get to work”. We did.
    Hugh was back with us the very next day. Everyone was depressed and fearful for our lives. But no one even mentioned quitting and going home.
    If you don’t believe this, I am sure someone on here knows somebody that played during that time period. So get in touch with them and you can verify this true story. I will also promise you that no team in the SEC or the nation was in better physical shape than we were. I said,”Better shape” not the best shape, because every team in at least the SEC was doing the same thing.
    Times have changed.. When a Coach said, “run through that wall”. The only thing you could said was, “yes Sir”. Now a player would say’ “why?”
    Sorry Senator.. This had very little to do with your statement. I just have not thought about that in at least 40 years.. Could not help myself..