A clue to the new direction

On the off chance you weren’t sure what Kentucky will dial up Saturday night in pass coverage, let me help.

South Carolina’s created the defensive template.  Secondaries are going to play man against Georgia until Georgia proves it can beat man coverage.  You could say they’re going to try to impose their will in that regard.

Hey, don’t take my word for it.


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25 responses to “A clue to the new direction

  1. RangerRuss

    I’m hoping Kirby can see what all of the shithouse coaches see. One of his attributes that excited the fan base was his seeming ability to adjust to the dynamics of college football. He can’t be that obtuse.
    Or is he?


  2. JaxDawg

    But will any of our opponents see our off center run game coming? Or able to stop it? Doubt it. #manball


    • The other Doug

      Honestly, Kentucky will have trouble stopping Man Ball unless we turn the ball over 3 or more times. They suck. It’s Florida and Auburn that will be ugly.

      Kirby has three weeks.


  3. Salty Dawg

    Kirby better change his stubborn ways or the gayturds and allbarn will have their way with us.


  4. ASEF

    When an opposing team has the horses to disrupt the interior run game, the entire offense wobbles badly. That’s a definite trend.

    Jake will a lot more time to find things in man. And the run game is going to mean that he will be facing man coverage a lot less.

    SC was a combo of man coverage and a first round talent at nose. Florida, Auburn and AM can definitely give that a shot. Honestly have not seen one down of Missouri defense, so I have no clue on that front.


  5. Macallanlover

    There has been very little discussion about how badly Hill was dominated on Saturday, and how that impacted the offense. Not discrediting the SC player’s talent and effort but “Houston, we may have a problem”. Not only did he get driven back into the backfield multiple times, and unable to consistently block in pass pro, look at the snap problems throughout the game. I don’t know if it was a third, or more, of the shotgun snaps that were low causing Jake to reach down, disrupting timing and his vision, but it seemed like that. Is it a coincidence that in a game where we saw the first bad exchange/fumble, we also saw he was distracted by an opponent kicking his butt? None of us know who was at fault on the fumbled exchange, but combined with everything else we saw from Hill that day, my money is on a player who was worried about someone he could not handle physically.


  6. Dave

    I don’t know the future any more than anybody else, but to say we’re ‘done’ is a bit much at this stage.

    The Carolina game was quite similar to the LSU and Auburn games in terms of how we played. The big difference was that it wasn’t a blowout because Carolina is far less talented.

    There are definitely some adjustments to be made, and at the same time, there were enough self-inflicted wounds in that game where, if we don’t make half of them, we’re complaining about like a 27-10 win or something along those lines.

    Kinlaw is a beast, though, as is that 6’4 CB. Credit to them for sure.


    • gastr1

      He’s saying the coaches won’t address the issue, though, too. Because if you pay attention, as we do, it is likely the coaches won’t address the issue.


  7. Tatum

    South Carolina’s long td pass was a pretty simple way to exploit man to man coverage (albeit we were not pressing at the line). The outside receiver route toward the middle occupied the safety, play action right and bootleg left bought enough time for the inside receiver to run a double move.


    • Macallanlover

      To the point of beating man, press coverage, you can do it two ways: with big physical receivers like Wims, Holloman, and Cager perhaps Pickens; or you do it with quick, speedy smurfs like IMac, Hardeman or DRob, Blaylock, Jackson (who was limited Saturday) who are hard to pin down given a couple of yards to work with. I understand the desire to have some 6′ 5″ type receivers, especially in the RZ, but when you have basically a full field to operate within, I think use of the talented smurfs should work. Perhaps we don’t play enough press coverage in practice, but it was awful how easily they shut down our passing game with blanket coverage. Not sure I have ever seen it done so thoroughly. The replay showed how we had no where to go on many occasions.

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  8. HamDawg11

    Not trying to be the excuse making guy, but our receivers were being held all game long. It may have been called twice, but it’s clear that the SC DB’s were coached to be all over our guys until it got called, then to keep doing it. They played much like we did vs Bama the last two games. Press at the line, play very physical and push the envelope. It frustrated our receivers and disrupted the timing with Fromm. I’ve gotta think Kirbs is in Steve Shaw’s ear this week having him look at the tape.

    Am I the only guy that saw this? I haven’t heard one talking head mention it.


    • Otto

      You aren’t, the stadium booed the refs a couple of times for not giving PI calls.


    • Otto

      …and as usual the UGA press outlets don’t cover it but puts blame on the players for not getting separation not the refs for calling a fair game or the coaches for changing play calling or formations to adapt.


  9. Mayor

    Stack the box play man behind it. That’s what we’ll see the rest of the season. Also, you cannot underestimate the importance of the bye week. FU, Mizzou and Auburn all get bye weeks right before playing the Dawgs and consequently 2weeks of practice to work specifically on this.


  10. BuffaloSpringfield

    I digress the Dawgs have had trouble with the escapees for decades. Fumble on the goal line/ w Fech, Simmons was on sides, on the TD pass the slot moved way before the snap, personal foul on Landers in Ktown. If the Mass Media Production can review everything else why not penalties. Don’t say the guys in the booth in Birmingham can’t be hooked into the White Hat. Oh that would cause too many disruption, momentum
    of the game. Duh, that’s already a given.
    Several penalties Saturday were bone headed and caused a ho-hum attitude team ( See Kirby’s comment to Dowdle pregame ) to be even more lack luster. Determination wasn’t a factor on the sidelines and now that the Golden Goose crapped a brown egg. I would hate to try to motivate this group and say Men, I love you. We played like #*it ! Our season is in front of us now. Run the table, blah, blah blah. We gotta play better to keep those donors happy. We have a renovation in the works $120 million worth. So let’s go out there and give it our best shot.
    In reference to our center getting blown up actually we can use a guard to chip the NT and help the center and work to the second level LB.
    Fromm is not a bad athlete hence he would not had a offer to Bama. Let him loose if he gets hurt how much worse we gonna get. ( Fields for Plumlee ?, ever see Jake count em break the pocket and run, ehh 6 times I think. He is coached to be a pocket guy and eat it or throw it away. Back foot throws included ) In all honesty he didn’t have much time to make the 2 primary reads. The TE’s or as the NFL calls em’ H Backs are pitiful. Quads and trips are great with a open backfield but you gotta have at least 3 seconds to make a read and check down ( or to a run play )Everyone is gonna bring the house, CB, SS blitz, twists which we are clueless on who to block.
    We allow edge, perimeter runs cause we stick our hats on the inside and honestly look like give up contain to one or even both sides. This is just the NFL filtering down where I am just gonna out athlete you.
    I love them Dawgs, but perception has become reality and all those stats don’t mean crap. Hold on this won’t be the last.


  11. The one good open vert we had Fromm over threw.


  12. AceDawg

    I have a feeling UGA’s offense can mature to incorporate new things, but we won’t see a lot of that on Saturday. On Saturday UGA will simply block sharper and gouge them with its rushing attack combined with a few nice Jake Fromm intermediate passes that the WRs break free on for big gains. More of the traditional Kirby Smart UGA offense this week as they go to the bye week and give the freshmen WRs some Dabo Swinney growth hormone.