If you want a clue why Fromm was off against South Carolina…

Maybe this will help.

I definitely thought he was sensitive to the pressure in the second half last week.  It didn’t bring out his best.


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4 responses to “If you want a clue why Fromm was off against South Carolina…

  1. Anon

    It would help if we were nimble or agile enough to buy some time


  2. AceDawg

    Fromm ain’t got the legs (scramble for yards instead of throwing bad passes) or arm strength (throw off back foot, off balance) to deal with pressure unless he uses his pre-read skills to have an open receiver in mind before the snap. I do have faith that he’ll play better and that this UGA team isn’t toast yet, but I also think his draft stock took a permanent ding last week. Not only did he not do as well at game management (fumbled snap and botched audible with 8 seconds to go), but even if he managed the game very well, his limited athletic attributes compared to most NFL QBs stood out in my eyes under pressure. I don’t know how much better Fromm is than Murray at reading defenses, but it ain’t enough to make up for the lesser arm talent and mobility, which got Aaron Murray zero snaps in his NFL career.

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  3. more spinners

    No need to worry about Fromm leaving early for the pros.
    You have to have some talent to go.
    Just think wha we could do with a legit SEC QB.


  4. seriously

    wow, one loss and fans go from complaining that Fromm should be a Heisman front runner to not being considered a legit SEC QB. Tough crowd.