It just means more (money).

Just a reminder — that’s before the extra $20+ million/year per school from ESPN kicks in.  Lawdy.


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13 responses to “It just means more (money).

  1. Classic City Canine

    But I thought they were all too poor to share with the labor….

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  2. Jerry Bowman

    Just wait until that ESPN deal replaces CBS for the SEC game of the week. $20 million more per school from that deal alone. Probably won’t be enough to keep McGarrity from raising ticket prices, though.


    • Down Island Way

      I get the extra cash flow from the next network to broadcast the sec game of the week, if it winds up being The World Wide Leader, the stadium fans, the home tv fans will not enjoy the experience going forward, probably even less than they do now…i say that with love in my heart for the college game (s)


  3. Harold Miller

    Donna Shalala must be having a fit right now.


  4. J-Dawg

    God forbid that they put the money in the general fund and stop nickel & diming the regular students to death.


  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    Moar analysts! Any chance we can buy a basketball team with some of that?


  6. Yet I just looked at Bama and Jax tickets, ain’t no way I’m going. Lol


  7. Mayor

    Starting to make the bowl money from the playoff insignificant. I wonder if that means the games will be officiated honestly now?


  8. Mayor

    Hard to complete the deep ball when the OC doesn’t call those plays.