No love lost

Okay, but tell us how you really feel about it.


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  1. 69Dawg

    Mark apparently not contributed to his campaign yet.


  2. Classic City Canine

    Wow! That’s a shockingly blunt statement from a politician. I love it. #FTMF applies equally well to the NCAA and UF.


    • ATL Dawg

      LOL at the cognitive dissonance. This is like a Cowboys fan talking about hating the NFL’s business practices and, oh yeah, hating the Redskins too.


      • 79Dawg

        No kidding, hope no one tells him the NCAA is just doing what its members – FU, FSU, Miami, UCF, USF, FAU, FIU, etc. – are telling it to do…
        The NCAA is just “taking the shots” so that dear old beloved alma mater doesn’t have to!


        • ATL Dawg

          Yep, exactly.

          Mark Emmert and his crew run things the way the schools want them to be run. Just like how Roger Goodell and his crew run things the way the franchise owners want them to be run.

          And the NCAA absorbs the criticism so that the flashlight isn’t aimed on the real problem…the schools. Just like how the NFL absorbs the criticism that should be aimed directly at the people really in charge…the owners.


        • Down Island Way

          It took him awhile, but he did leave the barners cowpasture with some sort of a degree in BS


  3. ASEF

    NCAA has morphed itself into every politician’s favorite punching bag. They’re one upping each other now. “No, I hate them more!” “No, I do!”

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  4. Timphd

    Note the date this would kick in: July 1, 2020. That doesn’t leave the dudes at the NCAA much time to work out a plan does it? Seems they were counting on more years to delay but may not get them.

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  5. ATL Dawg

    He’s an Auburn alum and fan, as well as your typical college fan who doesn’t understand (or want to understand) that the NCAA is doing the schools’ bidding. Or maybe he really does get it but is ranting anyway because he knows his target demographic will like it.

    If he truly wanted to focus attention on where the problem is, he would point out that the schools themselves are the root of the problem. Maybe even point a finger at dear old beloved Auburn University.


  6. Otto

    Grant is an Auburn alum.


  7. duronimo

    It’s all good as it is. Athletes get a college education that pay dividends their whole life. They get a prettier wife. (lol) A number of them get a shot at millions of dollars in the NFL. A Dawg player from Georgia goes through life never having to buy his own beer when out in public. UGA makes considerable investments to bring this all about and they make money for the effort. UGA brand is enhanced, drawing other students. Everyone is winning. Let’s screw it up.


    • The SEC payout alone was worth about $600,000 per scholarship football player for a single year.

      So that 4 year degree is worth $2.4 million?

      How about you let the kids pay their own way and write them a $2.4 million check?

      Good luck making that math work.

      That doesn’t count what the schools make on their own through ticket sales, merchandise, and zillions of marketing and licensing deals.