The Portal Master’s still got it.

This is fine.

Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) American Heritage five-star James Williams named Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia as his top three, all out-of-state programs. If the rankings held, that would mean the No. 1 prospect in the state of Florida could be leaving the Sunshine State for the fifth time in the last six years.

No, really, it is.

When Mullen can’t even take advantage of down programs at his two biggest in state rivals to keep the best Florida talent home — with the top defensive coordinator in the country, to boot! — that is the very definition of fine.


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  1. Dopey/Sideshow/Portal Master Dan does it again. #DBU, my @$$.

    Has anyone seen Dopey around the putting green at The Creek Club or Great Waters or on his boat at Oconee? If so, tell him we love what a great job he’s doing recruiting.


    • Down Island Way

      Hold on there ee, FU staff doesn’t need recruiting to manage it’s roster, FU is on the 20 year cycle to over take UGA in the crootin’ battle (FU figures Kirby will retire in 20, and then they’ll strike)….plus UGA is currently traveling/living the sunshine state rent free (who needs a stinkin’ homestead exemption) FU has the national media types drooling over their mere existence and lastly, FU’s hc knows come game time there will be enough bodies on probation to fill a line up card


  2. scorecheck

    Looks like Dan “Chuckles the Clown” Mullen struck out again.


  3. Down Island Way



  4. St. Johns Dawg

    Love it … But we’ve been in the same poaching-our-in-state-talent situation with men’s basketball for years. And years. And … years. 😦


  5. duronimo

    I think it’s his appearance, which he can do little to fix, and his demeanor. #1 His appearance: Cousin Eddie with bad posture. The only way he can improve here is to cease and desist afflicting the football community with that ___eating grin. Good luck with that.
    #2 His demeanor … Gomer Pile comes to mind. The message to potential recruits, is a lack of professionalism compound by “no class.” Consequently, the Gator brand is suffering. So gator country players are going “down down” (Petulia Clark) Athens to play for the “G” because “the lights are much brighter there.”
    Perception is the same as reality with these players


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, he does look/dress a little goofy, and interact rather awkwardly with others. Just looks like someone who didn’t quite fit in, always on the fringe, looking in. I also wonder if many of the recruits don’t feel something is a “little off” with him and they just don’t feel totally comfortable with Dancing Danny as “the guy” to be in charge of this important part of their life.
      Perhaps not, but from what you see of him, it is a concern I might have had.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “…with the top defensive coordinator in the country”

    Thanks, Senator. I just spit coffee all over my computer screen.


  7. 1966

    Consider that these recruits may not want to be forced to give a wet lip kiss to Mullen’s wife when they get off the team bus….Kind of like a male version of the ‘me too’ movement. You know…powerful superior in the organization forcing them into an act that reminds them of motion sickness. Is the time on the field correlated with mouth kiss…cheek kiss….no kiss? Weinstein’s lawyers will be free in two weeks, Ms Mullen…FYI. Just call the G’ville office. HOR-NOT-GLTY

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  8. NCDawg

    I think other key here is maybe some alleviated concerns about staff departures (esp Coley) and what that means for pulling kids out of South Florida.


  9. Cojones

    My victory feelings over the gators has been subdued somewhat by the passing of a friend who I met almost weekly and enjoyed good beers while acquainting him with the latest info concerning his team’s latest fiascos. A renowned Ecologist/Naturalist from the So Ga-No Fl area, Dr Steve Christman, UF, died two weeks ago and we had a celebratory service with his wife at his home yesterday with several famous Biologists/Naturalists in attendance to pay their personal respects with eulogies. Although a gator, we have been social friends for about 20yrs and he was a part of the group I’ve called an SEC/ACC cluster fuck that has been mentioned here in jest through the years. For the first time since knowing him, I didn’t wear one of my UGA hats and after borrowing from one of his friend’s, wore the hated hat with gator emblem in homage during the ceremony. Originally from NY state, he served in Special Forces, living with the Montagnards during the Vietnam War and we shared a mutual hatred for the Trump administration. At 74, he was in excellent health until his last day.

    This does in no way assuage my dislike of that Mullen mf and the Hogtown tribe and I apologize to you all for my display of grief publicly.

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    • Mayor

      That’s Ok brother. I had a friend who was a gator die last week too. When the gators were on top he never rubbed it in and I didn’t either when things flipped. Some of them are good people.


  10. J-Dawg

    Sorry to be off topic but I just read the article where a UF player predicts that UF wins the SEC this year. Will these amoebas ever grow an active brain cell? Just like that idiot in 2017. Please keep giving us more motivation every year to keep on crushing you. Can you imagine what Kirby would do to one of our players who did that? This year is going to be fun to watch.