Life doesn’t have to come at me that fast, thanks.

Shit, I’m just hoping Todd Monken and Jamie Newman have enough time together before the season begins to get on the same page, while over here, Mike Griffith is already speculating that Georgia will have more than one quarterback start a game in 2020.


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7 responses to “Life doesn’t have to come at me that fast, thanks.

  1. Reipar

    I am so out of touch I did not realize we have nine quarterbacks on the rooster. That must be one crowded position room.


  2. Mike Griffin stinks though. Play? Sure. Start? Meh, I don’t see it.


  3. 81Dog

    Honestly, I thought the point of Griffin’s article was most teams get a QB injury at some point, UGA hasn’t the last 2 years, what if we get one this year? That doesn’t seem like rabble rousing to me. You’d think Daniels would be a good candidate to get a waiver, so, what if Newman missed a start? Kind of a long way from last year, or several years since 04, when it was go with the starter or good luck.


  4. My question is if the virus is still much of a threat in September, what are the odds the second and third strings start and play most of the game against ETSU?


  5. Down Island Way

    My question……did dude just get home from the clubs and forgot to take off those wrist bands…was the William Wallace club one of the party places he visited…’Club Freedom’….i gave this scribe 2 minutes of my life thinking maybe…my bad….miracle man Ron knows whether the transfer from the left coast is healed today or in september, which could lead to a “don’t even ask to play this year transfer papers”


  6. David H.

    If we had more than one QB start a game in 2020, I wouldn’t really mind too much, because that means there would be more than one game in 2020.

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