“We try to be as safe as we can, but there’s no guarantees, you know?”

Someone mentioned this in the comments yesterday, but Tennessee had to cancel a scrimmage because 44 players missed Saturday’s practice ($$).  More offensive players sat out (31) than participated (30).

Fortunately, the vast majority of them were quarantined as opposed to being actively infected, but missing is still missing.

Tennessee might have beaten Charlotte anyway if the two teams had faced off on Saturday, but Pruitt would have had a hard time finding enough players to do it. And in three weeks, when Tennessee travels to face South Carolina, Pruitt and the Vols will no longer be able to say: “Phew, good thing we didn’t have a game today, huh?”

Or, Georgia, two weeks after the SC game.

COVID is going to be the wild card all season.  But something something no spring practice…


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    So most aren’t actually sick with anything?

    When will the madness stop?

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    • gastr1

      “Tennessee had 44 players missing from Saturday’s practice, mostly due to required 14-day quarantines outlined by the CDC after players come in contact with someone infected with COVID-19.” –Just in case you don’t have a subscription. Assuming you understand what contact tracing is.


  2. Ran A

    There is no guarantee that this season gets completely paid; but give credit where credit is due. The SEC has done this correctly; they are waiting as long as they possibly can to start the season and still have a season in the fall and they are learning as they go and giving teams time to absorb some Covid 19 hits, with Auburn and UT as two good examples. And they are only playing other SEC teams to insure that there is some control of the prevention being executed to help limit exposure to Covid 19.

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  3. Is Charlotte better or worse than Georgia State?

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  4. W Cobb Dawg

    approximately 27 or 28 are in quarantine now.
    Tennessee has had 48 players who have missed at least 14 days due to quarantine, with four quarantined twice.

    Since they won’t come out and say it, one would assume there’s more than a few positives. This is the kind of news that makes recent projections of 410k to 620k US dead before the end of the year seem possible.


  5. Someone was me repeating espn. Deep.