The most telling comment from Smart’s presser

Was the man a little concerned about the offense yesterday?

The defensive performance, and how it ends up without those turnovers…
“I don’t know. It probably wouldn’t have mattered what would’ve happened after we didn’t get the interception. It would tell me a lot more about how it would’ve ended. But those guys played hard. They work hard, they practice hard, they’ve got a lot of experience, and we’re going to have to use them as we build the rest of our team up and as we grow as a team. We talk about complementary football all the time. It doesn’t matter when the turnover happens. First drive second half, you’ve gotta go out and stop them. I love those guys and the way they compete. They’ve got so much fire. They just love playing the game. I didn’t watch it as closely as I have in the past, trying to work through some of the offensive stuff, but I thought they played really hard.”

“I didn’t watch it as closely as I have in the past, trying to work through some of the offensive stuff”?  Why, yes, I think he was.



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13 responses to “The most telling comment from Smart’s presser

  1. siskey

    This comment makes me think that Kirby will get it sorted out. Whether that means we go all in with Bennett as a more athletic Joe Cox/ Huston Mason or if we continue to tinker around and hope/pray that Dwan or Daniels can provide more, I don’t know?
    The defense aside from the one busted play did a great job and were aided by Briles stupidly (in my opinion) operating the offense at such a fast rate that our offense was able to get chance after chance to get back on the field and get something going.
    Dwan seemed very gun shy and shaky. With that said if he can just see the field and settle down then there are lots of opportunities with this offense for him to be a real asset for us.
    The O-Line continues to be underwhelming. Ericson seemed to do a better job at center but I don’t know if that was because of Hill’s snapping issue or because Cleveland looked like he was laboring out there.
    Next week will tell us a lot about this team and despite our warts and the above mentioned issues, I feel like we can rely on the defense to buy us time until.the offense eventually (hopefully) clicks

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    • Russ

      If Bennett turns out to be Hutson Mason, we will be fine considering Hutson lead an offense that set records for production.

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    • sniffer

      I won’t argue whether Briles was smart or stupid with his game plan but I will say this. He had nothing to lose and live snaps against the top defense in the league is as good an education as could be had for a young offense. That’s the scheme he was hired to run and its what he intended to do.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The defense did fine. LeCounte is one of my favorite players, but it looked to me like he was the culprit in their TD, but otoh he had 2 picks. Tain’t worried about the D.

    The offense? Well, we knew – at least everyone has been saying this since Monken was hired – was going to have some growing pains. They did. I hate it when we are right like that. Still, Stetson got it figured out, and once we did, we looked pretty good even allowing for the competition.

    I watched a good bit of Auburn’s game against Kentucky and these eyeballs didn’t think they looked all that great. UT didn’t look that great. Bama and the Handbags looked pretty good but that was to be expected. I am a lot more concerned right now about the Faux Dawgs in what has been predicted as the ‘softer’ part of the schedule.


  3. Kirby was as calm as he’s ever been on the sideline. He knows the offense is fragile.

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  4. CB

    There were some dumb questions in that presser and this was definitely one of them.


  5. Comments like this are why I love Smart and believe he’s the best man to lead Georgia to where we want to go. I just hope one position (QB) won’t be the eternal roadblock.


    • godawgs1701

      boy, the narrative on Jake Fromm sure changed fast…

      During the Kirby Smart era, quarterback has been the “roadblock” for exactly one game, and it was Saturday in Arkansas. Hopefully they’ll get D’Wan sorted out and get JT cleared to play and then put the right guy out there. But come on. Quarterbacks being the eternal roadblock for Kirby’s time in Athens. I’m not buying that, and certainly not with the talent currently in Athens and the kid coming next year.


      • Fromm regressed from his freshman season to last season. Justin Fields left when he’d be starting here. Mathis isn’t an overnight fix. Our walk-on QB had to take over to win the game Saturday. I was trying to be optimistic but I can’t ignore these facts.


  6. I rewatched the game sober last night and, man…some of those penalties early really, really derailed D’wan and the offense early on. Wondering if that contributed to him pressing a bit and getting rattled. I was pretty impressed with the zip Bennett had on his passes…I cannot imagine him not starting this week’s game. I feel like Kirby will want to the steady had back there to get us started and, honestly, he earned it with his play in that game. I actually liked the play calling and felt the ball got moved around the field a good amount. OL seems to be struggling with run blocking. Zeus is on another level…some of those cuts were so sudden, sharp, and smooth I couldn’t believe it. Really wish we had one more “easy” week before getting to these big games…the lack of a spring season deffo reared it’s head in this one.


    • godawgs1701

      I think the game changed a lot for D’Wan after he took that shot to the head when he should have gone out of bounds (a hit that should have been flagged for targeting, not that Dave Neal and good ol’ DJ Shockley were paying attention). The penalties and silly stuff knocked us out of rhythm and then I think that hit may have changed his channel for a while. I feel like he’ll be better second time out after he spends some quality time with the coaches and the game tape.


      • Yeah, it was like a perfect confluence of events to get him off track early. If he did enough in practice for players and coaches to feel he gets the nod, I think it will click for him eventually as he’s obviously got the tools. I know ppl are saying JT may be cleared now, but from what I heard of the practices, he’s been a complete non-factor in the QB race. I think we start Bennett in this week’s game to get some things working early and then mix D’wan in after a few series to get him some confidence. I don’t think we can really afford a bad start again this week against a team like AU.