Random observations and hot takes from yesterday

Things I took away from what I saw, knowing that at least some of this won’t hold up, even past next week’s games:

  • Vanderbilt’s safety came as a result of the most football IQ-challenged play I’ve seen in a while.  And to think Jimbo Fisher is being paid $7.5 million a year to coach them.
  • Ole Miss’ powder blue jersey is sharp.  Ole Miss’ defense is anything but.
  • Watching South Carolina’s offense was really doing the time warp.
  • Speaking of that game, Tennessee was 1-12 on third down conversions and still managed to score 31 points.  How is that possible?
  • And speaking of third down conversions, third and Grantham went 9-14 yesterday.  Welcome back, old friend.
  • Oklahoma lost to a team that lost to Arkansas State.  Texas had to go to overtime to hold off a team that barely beat Houston Baptist.  The Big 12’s playoff aspirations hang by the slenderest of threads.
  • Yeah, Georgia Tech is regressing at an alarming rate.  FSU is just plain alarming.
  • K.J. Costello will be the SEC’s Player of the Week, and deservedly so.  (Can you remember whose single-game record for passing yardage he broke?)  But Kyle Pitts was the best SEC player I saw yesterday.
  • I was honestly surprised at how much control over Auburn’s offense Gus Malzahn ceded to Chad Morris.
  • I’m not sure Bo Nix has turned a corner yet, but he’s making the most out of the improvements his receivers have made.
  • Terry Wilson has a lot of rust to shake off still.

And y’all?



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14 responses to “Random observations and hot takes from yesterday

  1. RangerRuss

    Costello broke Zeier’s record.


  2. Biggen

    Pitts is a problem but UF still gave up 35 points which is a bigger problem for them.

    MSU looked good but lets not forget what LSU lost. I’ll wait to crown the pirate the SEC coach of the year until we play the full schedule.

    USCjr. looks like a mess and I don’t see Boom surviving after this year.

    UT’s Guarantano still can’t hit the broad side of a barn. I’m very happy Pruitt is sticking with this guy.

    A&M looks to have another average year. Jimbo being paid big bucks to win 8 games a year. He is living the dream as far as I’m concerned.


  3. David K

    Pitts is a man among boys. I hope we come up with an answer for him. Trask just has to throw it in his vicinity and he’s gonna get it.


  4. Russ

    Sure, it wasn’t last year’s LSU but still for a new coach/completely new offense to go into Death Valley and win by 10 is pretty big. And I think MSU had 4 turnovers?


  5. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    my observation from yesterday…
    – we missed jaime newman
    – turds have no D but they do have 3rd&G! and still can’t run the ball
    – cocks are undisciplined
    – vols are undisciplined
    – cats got hosed on the no TD call – typical barn magic
    – cats made the dumbest play call with goal line pick – stoops always finds a way to F it up
    – the barn did not look scary and had trouble running the ball
    – i hope JT can be a bigger version of Stetson – otherwise our D will need to score more points than yesterday
    – Our D is worthy of the junkyard name
    – we beat an sec west opponent

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I gave my hot take about Sakerlina last night:

    Bobo did what Bobo does and he chose the wrong quarterback. He chose the Joe Cox instead of the Aaron Murray or Zack Mettenberger.

    If I’m Boom, I tell Bobo to step outside the comfort zone he loves so much and prepare Hilinski to start. Colin Hill is such a Joe Cox it’s like I was having PTSD flashbacks to 2009 watching that game, replete with terrible black helmets!

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  7. gastr1

    Wait, so the Texas A & M play was even dumber than the Falcons not knowing they could fall on the kickoff before 10 yards…and basically losing the game because of it? THAT was the single dumbest thing I’ve seen on a football field maybe ever.


  8. ASEF

    LSU was a dumpster fire, especially on defense. Losing Stingley the night before didn’t help, and it looked like no one on LSU’s defensive staff bothered to watch any Leach game tape. Pelini isn’t going to make it to year 2 if this keeps up.

    LSU needs to steal Barry Odom? Arkansas’s defense looked vastly improved from the last couple of years. Hopefully it wasn’t just their competition.

    TAMU has taken on the personality of their coach – listless, checking the boxes, punching the clock.

    SEC Replay should be getting roasted for that Kentucky SNAFU yesterday. It continues a pattern of baffling decisions by that operation. It directly impacted important games last year, including picking a winner a playoff game. It will do so again this year.

    Bama’s Jones took a step forward over the off season. He threw some gorgeous passes in pressure situations and didn’t have a yikes decision that I saw. Yeah, it was Missouri. It was still a big improvement on what I saw from him against Tennessee and Auburn last season.

    Missouri has a lot of room to grow over the course of the season if they don’t get discouraged.

    UT, USC, and UK all look decent, capable of upsetting someone with some turnover luck.

    Auburn got very lucky yesterday. But they seem to get that luck consistently from SEC refs. Nix is going to get tortured by Lanning’s crew. Bennett is going to get tortured by Steele’s. Special teams determines the winner next weekend? Dunno.

    Going to be a crazy season, full of, “I did not see that coming.”


  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Both of the Mississippi schools can score some points; one of them can play a little defense. So, defense still counts.

    One thing I thought we did well was special teams. We don’t have HotRod, and we will miss him, but Camarda looked good, and we blocked at least one punt, and a ticky-tacky running into the kicker penalty aside, I don’t recall any breakdowns. Good start for the new ST coach.

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    • FlyingPeakDawg

      It was being shoved into the kicker. A horrible call from a horrible ref on a horrible crew from a conference full of them. Damn SEC…take the lead and make these guys full time professionals with training and proper use of technology.

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  10. akascuba

    Jimbo Fisher bless his heart is the most over paid HC in CFB. What has he done without Winston. That safety was totally inexcusable. Neither announcer calling the game even knew it was a safety that’s sad. FU has the honor of having the most overpaid DC in third and Grantham.
    Sure wish we had FU’s schedule as usual.
    I blame Bobo. Not really it just was too easy.
    LSU is a hot chocolate mess. How does a DC not change from man coverage with that production against man. Was BP waiting till his guys gave up 700 yards or 50 points to change something.
    I was waiting for coach O to tear his shirt off YO YO YO football.
    Alabama is Alabama.
    Bo Nix does not scare me. Not with our defense.
    Aubie might be just what we need to get our groove on. I got all week to convince myself.
    I’ll miss not being able to tailgate as usual Saturday.

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