The SEC’s Week 3

Here’s what’s happening:

  • South Carolina at Vanderbilt +12.5.  Sure, I’d love to see Boom struggle again, but we’re talking Vanderbilt here.  The ‘Dores are… um, not good.  ‘Cocks cover.
  • Florida at Texas A&M +6.5.  This is one of those lines that make you scratch your head and wonder what Vegas knows and you don’t.  That being said, taking the Gators sure looks like easy money to me.
  • Arkansas at Auburn -16.5.    What’s funny here is that both teams have a common opponent prism through which to gaze.  I don’t think Arky is as good as Georgia made them look in the first half and I don’t think Auburn is as bad as Georgia made them look for an entire game.  However, the Tigers losing Britt for the season in time for what looks to be a fairly low scoring game is just enough to sway me to pick the Hogs to lose, but cover the spread.
  • Alabama at Ole Miss +24.5.  That’s a big number, driven by how bad Ole Miss’ defense is.  But the offense is good enough — and Junior’s the kind of guy who won’t stop — to make me think this game screams back door cover.  OM isn’t in the game from early on, but scores enough late to cover.
  • Mississippi State at Kentucky -3.5.  I know the instinct here is to assume MSU blew its wad in the opener, but did you know that, with a whopping 195.63, Kentucky is last in D-1 in defensive passer rating?  Bulldogs not only cover, but win outright.
  • LSU at Missouri +20.5.  They changed the site of the game, but they didn’t change Missouri’s roster.  LSU covers.


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16 responses to “The SEC’s Week 3

  1. Sam Johnson

    Florida at A&M looks to me like the easiest cover so far this year. Therefore, expect the upset. 🙂


  2. akascuba

    I think Vegas is looking at the Jimbo and his team have their backs against the home field wall Saturday. That`s the only reason i can see for this line. Its now or never for the 2020 season in Aggie land and locals are restless.


  3. Texas Dawg

    After watching a little of the BAMA-TAMU game, I am not really too hopeful for this one. If the Aggies pass defense has not improved, Trask and Pitts will have the handbag faithful chanting Heisman. TAMU did not appear to be able to cover air against BAMA.


  4. biggusrickus

    Florida’s won by 16 and 14 over less talented teams than A&M, and their defense stinks. 6.5 seems about right, since I expect it to be a one-score game.



    Carolina, aTm, Barn, Bama, Ky & LSU. How’s that for a teaser?


  6. Only way that TAMU line makes sense is if they’re expecting tropical storm levels of rain, and Vegas knows Trask has tiny hands.


  7. TEXBaller

    I KNOW SEC FOOTBALL (5-2 ATS last week)

    Vandy +12.5
    TAMU +6.5 (Jimbo owns FLA…..from FSU days)
    ARK +16.5 (Aub a dumpster fire early)
    Ole Miss +24.5 (DELTA)
    KY -3.5 (Gut call – fade the blogger)
    LSU -20.5 (Mizzou is really bad)
    Tenn +12.5 (Midget QB stumbles – defense saves the day)


  8. 123 Fake St

    Sorry, Florida’s defense stinks and there’s a hurricane coming through. I like aTm to cover at least.


  9. Russ

    No way Sackerlina covers 12.5 points. And the Aggies will give Florida a good game.