Fresh start

Sure, Dan, no big deal.

Mullen said he only experienced mild symptoms and added for the players who tested positive, “We feel that we have not a whole lot of major issues or anything that we’ve seen be really serious to this point.” He added that the coaching staff is approaching practice as if it is coming off a double bye week and the biggest focus for Monday was “us just getting our guys into the regular game week routine.”

During their time away from football, the Gators were unable to work out. Mullen said those who tested positive and are cleared to resume practice will have a slow build-up to their return. Florida last played on Oct. 10, a 41-38 loss to Texas A&M, a road trip both Mullen and Stricklin have zeroed in on as causing the outbreak after one or two people unknowingly traveled with the virus and tested positive upon their return home.

He couldn’t even give the press the number of players who would be available this Saturday, only saying UF would at least field the requisite 53 to play.  Sounds totally normal.


UPDATE:  Things are going swimmingly in Gainesville.

The University of Florida reported six new positive COVID-19 cases among the Gators football team as Dan Mullen’s squad looks to move past a recent outbreak that stalled its season.

The data is based on test results from Tuesday of last week through Monday, during which the school said 230 tests were performed.


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8 responses to “Fresh start

  1. practicaldawg

    You know, just coming off a routine double bye week involving zero workouts or team interaction, with a fraction of the roster back. Nothing to see here.


  2. Spell Dawg

    If I read the reports correctly, it was 19 positives that caused the initial stir, and then an additional 25 the week following. It could be that it was only an additional 6 after the first 19, but either way, 25 to 50 is a huge chunk of the team. Which players are (significantly) less than 100%? Me thinks we’ll be watching a Missouri boat race this Saturday @ 7:30. Missouri is riding (relatively) high right now, should be fun.


  3. Its no different than if there was an outbreak of the flu or a huge rash of injuries. It is what it is.


  4. Salty Dawg

    Well, what else would you expect from cousin Eddy?

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  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    Two bits, four bits , six bits a dollar. All for not using hand sanitizer stand up and holler.

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    • sniffer

      Did you really have to go political? Now all the crazies are gonna point out that hand sanitizer is for kookie liberals and no self respecting confederate would wear a mask…


  6. 69Dawg

    I have a question. How did UF not have to play using the 53 player rule? I’m a conspiracy guy I think Cousin Eddie just wanted us beat down from Alabama and UK before our game. Otherwise, he is going to get in hot water for not beating us this year.